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The OPS Deck is the place not only for great gear, but more importantly, the training to use it effectively...

Medical Insertion Pouch
Compact Medical Organizer Pouch

Multi-pocket organizer for rapid access to an organized set of tools...

**The new "SUPER-LUMEN" patches will outshine your existing GITD patches, and glow for up to 8* HOURS in the dark!**

This standard (left star) US Flag patch is a proud addition to your Vanquest gear or uniform. Rounded corners decrease snagging, and hook fastener is sewn on the back. Perfect for identifying your gear, day and night.

These 1" x 1" Medical Cross patches are perfect for identifying your medical gear, day and night. Rounded corners decrease snagging, and hook fastener is sewn on the back.
GITD US Flag (Left) GITD Medical Cross
Adverse times call for advantages in your favor...

In today's society, we are faced with an overwhelming number of issues that are uncomfortable and were up until recently, taboo subjects when it came to the health and welfare of our children...

We can't always be there to protect them, but we can provide the training to mitigate circumstances. the other half of the equation is the right equipment. The ODM Scholastic Blowout Kit is a major component in this equation.

NOTE: Your educational institution can qualify for a discounted price! Contact us for details!

A robust and combat proven design...but bigger...

As used in our Scholastic Blowout Kit, the Enlarged EMT Pouch from Voodoo Tactical is a slightly larger version of our MTS EMT Pouch and required the design specs for a basic, easy access unit that can hold enough mission specific medical gear for a single operator to effectively manage uncontrolled hemorrhage, sucking chest wounds, and basic airway issues...

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Medical Professionals Law Enforcement CERT/DART Search And Rescue Aviation EMS Ski Patrol Humanitarian Mission

Telephone: 805.797.5244   /   Postal Address: 201 E. Ojai Ave, #263, Ojai, CA 93024   /  
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