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Medical Operator Series Packs
Finally, Medical Gear in Hi Vis Rescue Red!

Well, the good folks at Condor Outdoor have listened and are finally putting out some of their most tested and beloved packs, bags and pouches in a professionally recognized color other than black: Hi Vis Rescue Red!

These bags are available in the color that yells, "I'M HOLDING MEDICAL GEAR!" (the subdued colors are still available if you're trying to keep a low profile).

In the next few months, The OPS Deck will be rolling out its line of medical gear, packs, and kits in the Medical Operator Series, or M.O.S.These kits and packs will feature the most contemporary medical items and carriers that are geared towards multiple levels of medical knowledge and comfort in application. Meaning, not every trauma kit will have a cervical collar or suture set (which never made sense to us in the first place...) that you have to pay for and will never use.  If it's not in your scope of practice or level of training, the desire to help with equipment you are not trained on places you at liability because it's in your possession and there will be a time that you feel you need to use it. But without the proper training, one can injure and/or cause further harm or even death to another individual who's looking to you for help in their moment of need. And that would suck for both of you...

Many retailers are offering medical/trauma kits in this fashion already. We at ODM are going to give you a pack that's not an insult to your intelligence either.  Our kit design engineers don't fill our kits with redundant items that you equally won't ever use such as 100 Aspirin tablets or 100 Band-Aids. Rather, we'll make kits available to you that are at your level of understanding and operational comfort based on contemporary trends in medical and trauma care.


One of the most prolific designs to ever be made, this pattern has been copied by many manufacturers because it's just a great design! We've seen so many applications for this bag from it's intended use as a compact assault pack to an EDC pack. But we've found that this is a great design for medical gear carry. The only problem is that if you're not in a tactical operating environment, the subdued colors didn't lend itself to "rapid" identification as a medical pack.

This great pack has multiple pockets and sleeves that makes it the perfect carrier for medical and trauma supplies both on and off duty.

Multiple section dividers and moisture proof barrier keeps equipment and tools dry and easy to access.

See the design features here.

Pack Only MOS Compact Trauma Pk
Kit Coming Soon!
Now available in EMS Blue and S.A.R. Orange!

The Pack Insert, as with all of Condor's VA Series Modular Accessories, becomes a force multiplier by allowing medical operators to organize their medic kit easily and access supplies while the insert either remains stored within the main compartment of the Compact Assault Pack or is pulled out and laid open apart from the pack (measures 32.5" x 8.75" when laid flat). See the design features here

VA7 - Medical Pack Insert

Organize and have rapid access to your medical gear with this removable pack insert!

The Condor Pack Insert is designed to work with the Compact Medical/Trauma Pack in M.O.S. Red or similar sized packs/bags and is a semi-rigid hook & look modular panel that comes with two panels and three pouches.

The semi-rigid construction and grab handle is engineered for easy deployment and retrieval of the insert. A single hook and loop strap keeps the insert secure when it's out of it's pack.

Wall Mount / Hanging EMS Organizer

Organize and have rapid access to your gear with this Wall Mounted Hanging EMS Organizer!

Although the Condor Pack Insert is designed to work with the Condor Compact Assault Pack or similar sized packs/bags, we've found this semi-rigid hook & look modular panel to be more than just a pack insert. 

When in the fully opened position, we found the pack to be a great wall mount organizer for EMS transport services and in clinical situations.

The VA7 comes with with two panels and three pouches. The two panels come with multiple elastic keepers which allow for a variety of configurations for quick access to IV start supplies, frequently  used, medical tools, and basic airways.

The three pouches (one with a mesh window and flap closure and two with vinyl windows and flap closures, all measuring 8.5" x 4.5" x 1.5") are great for specialized items such as IO access items, hemorrhage control items ventilatory items, burn care supplies,  and resources common to caring for the sick and injured in "non-linear" environments.



The largest medical pack we carry. We believe that this will give the Ski Patrol Medical Pack and Tactical Medical Pack by Voodoo Tactical a run for their money!

This pack is roomiest pack that we offer and is great for MCI, Triage, and disaster medicine simply because of the cargo capacity and potential modular capability. Yolu'l be able to fit our line of ODM Treatment Modules inside the mammoth main compartment and have access to more commonly used and rapidly required items in the outer pockets, of which there are 5.

The padded shoulder straps, sternum straps, and detachable waist straps make carrying this beast a breeze.

Great for wilderness rescue, S.A.R., CERT, DART, civilian and professional rescue teams!

See the design features here.



The individual Blowout Pack that was one of the first items to be offered here at The OPS Deck and has long been a standard in military and para-military IFAKs. A tried and proven design, this pouch allows the operator to carry items that are tailored to his/her size including airway's, hemostatic agents, gauze, BSI items, etc.

The Hi-Vis nature of the color allows others to quickly find the pack and render aid to the wearer of this pack with items sized appropriately for the incapacitated operator.

This pouch is great for other applications such as a personal survival kit and you'll see it in one of our many ODM Treatment Modules in the next few months.

See the design features here.



Another great design especially for those who don't want to necessarily wear their medical gear carry on their back or on their waist!

The Medical Deployment Pack is the basis for many of our intermediate First Aid Kits that we've developed for law enforcement and corporate clients. It's great for your vehicle, office, or in your home.

Amazingly, one can fit a lot of things in this little pack, but see for yourself here.


MA41-010: Rip Away Med Pack

This med pack is designed to be separated from its M.O.L.L.E. platform for improved deployment and use options for you and your teammates.

Simply attach the panel with the M.O.L.L.E. straps and the pouch secures to the panel with the Velcro and 2" web strap with quick release buckle. Also works great with M.O.L.L.E. drop leg platforms.

The pouch is constructed from 600 Cordura Nylon with self repairing double zipper closure. Interior folds out to three separate storage panels with elastic loops  that are perfect for roller gauze, gloves, bandages, etc.. The third panel is a mesh pouch with zippered closure for smaller supplies. All your medical supplies are where you need them at a moments notice.


RC 2659: FA/EMS Bag

This bag from Rothco is so full of features that we had to add it to our MOS line...

MOS First Aid / EMS Bag is specifically designed for the Medical Operator who demands convenience, accessibility, and engineered durability.

This is a great bag for First Aiders, First Responders, EMT's, Medics, Event Medical Operators and the like because  this bag has the capacity to hold all of the necessary equipment to run your call.


Look for these and many more packs, pouches, and bags in the near future to be added to the Medical Operator Series from OPS Deck Medical.

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