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...and no, they're not in any particular order...

Medic 6x2 PVC MEDIC PVC 6"X2" Star Of Life PVC
Search Dog Patch SAR Patch
TACMED Spartan TACMED Pirate
Do Know Harm - Spartan Do Know Harm - Pirate
White Cross Medical Patch CD 2" Medic Square Patch
MSM 2" Medic Square Patch MSM 2"Sq. Medic Patch PVC
1" Medic Square Patch 1"Sq. Medic Patch PVC
CD Blood Type Patches MSM Blood Type Patches
GITD TAC MED Patch IR Blood Type Patches
Allergy Patches 52nd EOD
1 Assterisk 1 Assterisk 2 Assterisk
"Sheepdog -
Sheppard / Malinois"
"Sheepdog -
Belgian / Collie"
Outbreak Response PVC Outbreak Response
21st Century Gunfighter
21st Century Gunfighter
St. Michael MODERN St. Michael

Lambda Shield Spartan Helmet
Japan Strength Japan Strength PVC
Patch - Certified Man Bag
Fireball Patch
Condor PVC US Flag

IR US Flag Patch

MSM PVC US Flag MSM Reversed PVC US Flag
MSM Mini PVC US Flag Mini PVC-R US Flag
Condor Us Flag Condor Reversed US Flag
MSM US Flag MSM Reversed US Flag
MSM Mini US Flag MSM Mini Reversed US Flag
MSM Canadian Flag Fox Head
MSM Texas Flag Christian Flag Patches
Calico Jack Pirate Flag PVC Calico Jack Pirate Flag
"Don't Tread On Me" Gadsden DTOM Flag Patches
Bulldog Head - SM Bulldog Head - LG
Sheriff PVC 6"X2" POLICE PVC 6"X2"
Sheriff PVC 6"X3" POLICE PVC 6"X3"
4"x2" ID Plate 9"x4" ID Plate
Search Dog Patch SAR Patch
Instructor Patch TAC-Numbers

MULTICAM Velcro Loop

Click to see larger view Hook And Loop Patches
"Embrace The Suck" Geronimo E-KIA
"Infidel Strong" Fun Sponge
"Death Mechanic" EOD Running
Fireball Patch If I Tell You...
Flying Trunk Monkey Fun Meter Patch
Hadji Don't Surf Just Sayin'...
Claymore Patch "Death Mechanic"
Infidel Tab "Regular Guy"
"Gunfighter Strong"  
"Crap Magnet" "NSR Solutions"
Rank Insignia (RC)    


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