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E&E Bag 2012
Escape and Evasion / Active Shooter Response Bag
Wow! You'll make up a reason just to have this bag...

Finally a quality E&E, Move Out , Bailout Bag that's built and priced right! Constructed of rugged, tactical nylon, this bag is a great as an E&E bag, Active Shooter Response Bag, patrol duty bag, electronics kit bag, or whatever you see fit!

The multiple levels of M.O.L.L.E./ P.A.L.S webbing makes this bag nearly infinitely configurable to your needs; add a Medical Packs, Ammo Carriers, EOD/Medic Organizer, Utility/Admin Pouch, H2O Pouch, or whatever your mission specifics dictate. A large portion of real estate is dedicated to ID as the top 1/3 of the front of the bag is covered with Velcro, even along the M.O.L.L.E. webbing.

Travel with ease as the detachable shoulder strap that's ergonomically shaped and padded for a more secure carry.

The biggest update to our E&E Bag is the addition of a removable flap cover  with clear vinyl inner layer. It can be used as a map case or drop in zipper pocket. The flap also covers items that are attached to the M.O.L.L.E. wall that one doesn't want viewed such as magazine carriers, etc.

The flap cover is held on by a double Velcro attachment at the top of the bag which secures to itself when the cover is removed.


The main zippered compartment presents itself with multiple options for securing and carrying gear;
  • 4 columns of 2 rows each of elastic webbing hold and secure lightsticks and writing implements.
  • A radio pocket with associated antenna/mic cable hole (right above the internal pouch) makes comms easy.
  • A large document pocket on the back wall easily holds 8.5"x11" docs.
  • An adjustable center divider allows you to have an additional 2 to 3 organized storage areas. 
  • The front wall will accept Velcro based attachments such as our Velcro Single TAC Light Pouch, Velcro Double TAC Light Pouch, Velcro Utility Pouch, Velcro Elastic Keepers, or anything else that's Velcro based.
Fully opened, this bag actually measures out to about 5" wide (as opposed to the 4" advertised width) and easily travels via the web handles that secure with a Velcro wrap atop one of the handles. Corded zipper pulls make access to the main compartment easy with a simple pull.
The rear external wall of the bag has a hidden pocket with a generous portion of Velcro (the entire pocket surface) to accommodate such items as a concealed weapon in our Universal Holster (sold separately). One can easily store valuables in this pocket as well as this is the portion that lies against the body during carry.
Lastly, travel with the bag securely by attaching the adjustable waist strap which connects via Fastex type buckle and is connected to the bag with SLIK CLIPs; a quick release system that can rapidly attach or detach from any M.O.L.L.E. loop on the bag.


  • Removable flap with clear vinyl inner layer, can be use as a map case or drop in zipper pocket.
  • Double zipper main compartment
  • Main compartment with removable divider
  • Multiple elastic gear loop
  • Internal radio pouch with antenna access
  • Padded back pocket with Hook & Loop panel for Velcro attachment
  • Heavy duty webbing for modular attachments.
  • Removable waist strap with SLIK CLIP
  • Imported
  • Size: 10.5" x 12" x 4"



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