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Slim Battle Belt
M.O.L.L.E. Based Load Bearing System
The CONDOR SLIM battle belt is the new and improved version of our Gen2 Battle belt...

The Battle Belt is designed to be a light weight, low drag replacement to a full chest rig or vest, and with a slimmer profile, the new Slim Battle Belt from Condor Outdoor has the same load bearing capacity as the Gen2 belt at half the size.

Present is enough M.O.L.L.E. webbing around the belt to mount all of the essentials like; magazine pouches, a dump pouch, a M.O.L.L.E. holster, and maybe a utility pouch. The battle belt is made to be used with a either a Riggers Belt, Tactical Belt or G.I. Style Pistol Belt
The Condor Slim Battle Belt was designed to:
  1. Provide extra real-estate for modular attachments
  2. In conjunction with our 215 - H-Harness, work as light and easy load-out, or
  3. Provide addition options to distribute your modular attaches/weight from your load-bearing vest.

The battle belt, must be used (and is compatible with) any 1.5" - 2" web belt.

What the difference?
  • New slimmer shape to aid mobility while kneeling, bending, etc.
  • 50% thinner than regular battle belt for less bulk
  • Side panels with hook & loop closure for easy inner belt threading and drop leg holster attachment

Removable rubberized anti-slip pads for added comfort and reduction of "load shifting" during wear and operations.

For additional support, we recommend the Advanced H - Harness.


  • Genuine Crye-Precision MultiCam

  • Slim design to prevent over fold

  • Side panels with hook & loop closure for ease of threading inner belt and drop leg attachment

  • Three removable anti-slip pads

  • Two leg rig attachment openings

  • Two rows of webbing across belt

  • Four D-rings attachment points for harness

  • Imported


  • S (35.5), approx. waist size: 30 - 34

  • M (39), approx. waist size: 36 - 40

  • L (42), approx. waist size: 42 - 46


Coyote Brown
Order Form Information  
Qty. Item# Description Color Size MSRP Price
CD 121160 Slim Battle Belt $30.95 $24.95
CD 121160-008 Slim Battle Belt $49.95 $36.95

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