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Modular Chest Panel - Special Purpose
Instruction, especially in the field, is one of those things that is time and situation dependant. Success favors the prepared...

Our Instructor Chest Rig comes with organization in mind. Beginning with our Side Kick Pouch that provides for holding both instructional items such as papers, maps, pens, lights, multitools, as well as a couple of pistol mags or short rifle mag, etc.

One can keep medical supplies up to the contents of a complete "Blowout" Kit" in here and still have room for  additional room for other logistical items.

The Tech Sheath is great for holding cell phones, GPS, or any other small items necessary to the mission. The MA62 M14 Single Mag Carrier is the designated radio carrier (or magazine carrier) for this set, and the Roll Up Utility Pouch is great for smoke, water bottles, junk, trash, or whatever else you might want to "drop in" and forget.

M14 Single Mag Carrier Side Kick Pouch Tech Sheath Roll Up Utility Pouch

Keep in mind that this rig is unlike any other as it's M.O.L.L.E. structure lends itself to nearly endless pouch configurations thanks to the MCR3 Chest Panel's generous 4 rows and 8 columns of M.O.L.L.E. webbing. This allows for the MCR3-SP to be custom configured for the medic, technician, patroller, firefighter, officer, or S.A.R. Operator. The harness/strap structure provides an extremely stable mounting system and feeling of security for the wearer and will not compromise on balance or agility when worn by operators.
The Modular Chest Panel from Condor is a lightweight rig that is perfect for warmer weather. There are 4 rows and 8 columns of M.O.L.L.E. webbing for custom configuration. The upper section of the modular panel (including the top row of M.O.L.L.E.) has hook & loop material for nametapes and patches. The center area of the MCR3 contains a 9 x 12 pouch that runs the entire length and height of the panel.

Overall, the rig is very comfortable and allows for plenty of airflow.

The straps are fully adjustable with hook & loop clasps that are used to hold the entire configuration in place, and pin down the loose ends. The harness system can be quickly reconfigured, converting the rig into a shoulder-carry panel.

The criss-crossing back straps and waist band are adjustable and are made from high quality nylon. The straps are attached to the panel via plastic buckles, so they can be removed and the panel can be attached to another rig should the wearer so choose. It may look very basic at first but with a little imagination and some more supporting gear, the MCR3 Chest Panel can be an amazing rig.

This carrying platform is lighter and cooler than a load bearing vest and is built entirely out of Cordura nylon and can carry a wide assortment of items. The modular nature of the platform is extremely versatile and the M.O.L.L.E. platform allows for nearly infinite configurations and allows the operators to create a platform to meet their specific needs/requirements.

This Chest Panel is . The 2" elastic & web suspension guarantees that the MCR3-SP will ride well when skiing, climbing caged ladders, rappelling, or crawling into overturned vehicles. Whatever your Special Purpose is, the MCR3-SP will make your job easier.

Modular Chest Panel Features:
  • Compact low profile panel with heavy webbing for modular attachment.
  • Swivi Lockster - Seivel Push-Button Release Buckle.

  • 9 " x 12" pocket with internal hook & loop panel.

  • Two grommets for drainage.

  • Cross-back shoulder and waist strap.

  • Can be assembled and used as a shoulder-carry modular panel.


Size :

  • M/XXL adjustable

O.D. Black Coyote

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Qty. Item# Description Color Options List Price
ODM MCR3-INST Chest Rig INSTRUCTOR Configuration $72.00

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