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Tactical T-Ring Adapter
Attach a carabiner or keychain to the T-Ring so you can easily access your items and don't need to dig through your kit...

Popular item among SF operators, The Tactical T-ring Adapter fits into a standard PALS channel, and is great for attaching and tying down various items to your kit.

The main use of the T-ring adapter is to provide extra D-ring mounting points on a MALICE / PALS surface such as attaching gas mask carrier, leg / thigh panels with 1"attachment points, dummy cords, or tie-down of small items. Since the T-ring adapter sits behind M.O.L.L.E. / MALICE / PALS webbings, it does not occupy any mounting space. In other words, you can still mount other equipment on the top of it.

Our T-ring adapter has a 2 x 1 loop Velcro panel sewn on one side. Now, you can attach your favorite fun meter patches, IFF ID Marker tabs, IFF Blood Tapes on these T-ring adapters. By flipping the T-ring adapters horizontally, you can show or hide these patches / tabs anytime.

Each T-ring adapter is fully compatible to M.O.L.L.E., MALICE / PALS, FSBE, FSBE II, SPEARS, BALCS, MLCS, & CIRAS systems.

T-ring adapter on a Paraclete RAV body armor, for drop hip / leg attachments.

Product Materials

  • High tensile strength nylon webbing
  • High tensile strength composite nylon thread (stronger than ordinary industry standard nylon thread)
  • Stress points double stitched, Bartacked or "Box-and-X" stitched for added strength
  • Overall size 3" tall x 2" wide
  • 2" x 1" loop field for patches
  • Weight 0.5 oz.
  • Create additional D-ring mounting points on a mounting surface without occupying any mounting space.
  • Fits into standard PALS channel and is fully compatible with:
    • M.O.L.L.E.
    • FSBE
    • FSBE II
    • SPEARS
    • BALCS
    • MLCS
    • CIRAS systems
  • Unilateral 2" x 1" loop Velcro panel for morale patches, blood type tapes, or IFF ID markers. Show or hide these patches / markers by flipping the adaptor horizontally.
  • Great for tie-down of various items
  • Imported


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RC 10779 Tactical T Ring Adapter $3.99 $3.10
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