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SPORTAC Tactical Goggle
For situations that require fully enclosed eye protection...

For situations that require fully enclosed eye protection, the Voodoo Tactical Sportac Goggles provide high-impact protection, optimal fit, a wide field of view, plus helmet and night-vision equipment compatibility.

Ultra lightweight, durable, and rigid Polyurethane frame with closed cell comfort face seals provides the ultimate in fit and comfort.

The 1" wide fully adjustable elastic strap allows the Sportac Goggles to be worn either over or under a helmet. The upper and lower vents allow for maximum ventilation and air flow for fog-free performance as well as fine particle filtration for dirt and dust.

Sportac Goggles come with UV 400 protection, anti-fogging lenses and reinforced elastic, adjustable straps sure foam and padded seal.

Your choice of Clear, G-15 or yellow lenses with black frames or G-15 lenses with your choice of Olive Drab, Army Digital or MARPAT or Yellow lenses with Coyote Tan Frame.


At left:
ACUPAT frames with G15 Lenses

Nearly indestructible polycarbonate lenses coupled with various clear and tinted lens options provide 100% UV protection with anti-scratch coating, high impact-resistance and non-distorted visual clarity in various light conditions.  

The lenses come with a UV 400 rating: the maximum protection from harmful UVB & UVA rays.  

"The Voodoo Tactical Sportac Goggles are used by troops the world over, and they also offer incredible civilian outdoor protection for a wide variety of activities. "

Flat Dark Earth
frame w/
Yellow Low Light Lenses


  • Fully enclosed, high-impact eye protection
  • Ultra light weight, padded frame
  • Anti-scratch coating
  • UV 400 protection
  • 1" adjustable strap
  • Compatible with helmet
  • Vents for fog-free viewing
  • Anti-fog coating


Black with G15 Lenses Flat Dark Earth with Yellow Lenses
OD Green with G15 Lenses

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VT 02-8832 SPORTAC Tactical Goggle System $15.00 $13.00
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