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All Leather Flight Gloves
GEN II Flight Gloves
Nomex Flight Gloves - CD
Tactical Flight Glove RC
Tactical Flight Gloves CD

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Nomex Flight Gloves

Flash flame protection with incredible dexterity...

These are the authentic flight gloves made of Nomex, a thermal-resistant polymer fiber, the gloves protect pilots from fire up to 800º F (and won't hold a flame if singed, yet let one retain a deft feel for the controls of any craft. The gloves feature grade-A, chrome-tanned sheepskin leather palms sewn in place with non-melting Nomex thread.

At The OPS Deck, we understand that Flight Gloves have transitioned from aviation into other communities where their attributes have been found to be extremely beneficial. For tasks performed by operators requiring flash flame protection, light weight, tactile sensation, and great dexterity offered by these types of gloves, there are no other gloves that will do. We also understand that certain environments and "jobs" mean that these gloves are essentially "disposable" and cost is a factor.

All of our Nomex Flight Gloves are manufactured according to military specification MIL-G-81188B or MIL-G-81188C and exceed USAF specifications for thermal protection. These high quality gloves will not support a flame or melt and offer superior protection from flash fire hazards.

Men's sizes S (7"-7 1/2"), M (8"-8 1/2"), L (9"-9 1/2"), XL (10"-10 1/2"). (5 oz.)

Professional Grade Commercial Grade Utility Grade
Manzella / Worldwide Glove Rothco Fox Outdoor
  • High durability and tactile sensation
  • Capeskin or sheepskin leather
  • Double stitched fingertips
  • These gloves are comfortable to wear and offer medium dexterity
  • Sheepskin leather
  • Single stitched fingertips
  • Durability
  • Looser fit
  • Sheepskin leather
  • Single stitched fingertips



Good gloves are important pieces of equipment in your work. Manzella Worldwide's Nomex flying gloves use knit made from NOMEX® fiber and leather palms made from hair sheep to give you the comfort and flexibility you need. They remain soft and pliable even if they get wet. The soft capeskin leather allows for the fine tactile sense needed for flying. Manufactured to military specification MIL-G-81188B or better and exceed USAF specifications for thermal protection.
Tan / Sand / Desert Black Sage



Rothco's GI (Government Issued) Type Nomex flight gloves are made using 100% U.S. made DuPont Nomex fabric and non-melting Nomex thread with soft Sheepskin leather palms and wrist surfaces. They are constructed overseas to military specifications
for fireproof qualification. Made from top quality material and workmanship. These gloves are imported
Black O.D. Green/Gray Sage/Gray Tan / Sand / Desert



Tactical Operators, CVC crews, LCAC Operators, Waterborne Operations, EOD, SAPPERS, and many others have realized the benefits of what this type of glove has to offer in dexterity, tactile sensation, and flash flame protection. The only problem is that due to the nature of the "job", a single mission may destroy the effectiveness of the gloves to provide adequate protection for the operator. It is for this reason that we offer standard Milspec quality gloves for those who work in harsh environments but require all the attributes offered by flight glove style hand protection.

Sage O.D. Black Tan / Sand / Desert

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Qty. Item# Description Color Size M.S.R.P List Price
OUT OF STOCK MZ NMX FG Manzella Nomex Flight Gloves -
Professional Grade
$35.00 $35.00
RC NMX FG Rothco Nomex Flight Gloves -
Commercial Grade
$32.00 $30.00
FX NMX FG Fox Nomex Flight Gloves -
Utility Grade
$32.00 $25.00
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