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MICH 2000 SF Tactical Training Helmet
ABS MICH-2000 Helmet
This NON-BALLISTIC helmet is a great training tool...

An exact replica of the Modular Integrated Communications Helmet (MICH) that was developed by Special Operations Forces Personal Equipment Advanced Requirements (SPEAR) and is a comfortable lightweight helmet made of ABS plastic that's been textured on the entire surface just like the real one.

This NON-BALLISTIC helmet comes with removable sponge inner lining and a fully adjustable suspension system and light neck pad. The chinstrap secures with a side release buckle and has a cloth chin-cup for added security.


The MICH is slightly smaller than the PASGT, providing 8% less coverage. This accounts for some of the reduced weight and allows for both greater situational awareness and less obstruction of the wearer's vision

The MICH 2000 allows maximum sensory and situational awareness for the operator. This includes an unobstructed field of view and increased ambient hearing capabilities. Previously, soldiers had complained that the high collar of the Interceptor pushed the back of the helmet forward, in turn moving the helmet brim over their eyes when they attempted to fire from a prone position.

The MICH 2000 can be fitted with MSA type accessory rails on either side that will accommodate items from the 1895 Accessory pack such as Picatinny Rail adapters, adjustable single clamp & tactical weapon light adapters.

One can also attach a mounting bracket (not included, skills required) for an AN/PVS-14 monocular night vision device (MNVD) on the front, similar to that on the PASGT helmet.

As with its PASGT predecessor, the MICH is often worn with a band around it which features a pair of reflective "cat eyes"—patches on the back intended to prevent friendly fire incidents.

At Left:
"Dressed" MICH 2000,
accessories not included

The MICH's retention/suspension system provides balance, stability, and comfort. This system provides for proper size, fit, and ventilation. The MICH's pad suspension system provides superior impact protection throughout all operational scenarios.
It can also be fitted with a pair of Eyewear Retention Straps on the rear to keep protective eyewear in place, as well as cloth helmet covers in varying camouflage patterns.
  • Tanker design
  • Fully padded
  • Night vision, NBC compatible,
  • Adjustable 4 way nylon chin strap with cup and plastic buckles
  • 7 removable and adjustable cushioned pads for maximum comfort
  • One size fits 6 3/4 to 7 3/4
  • Ideal for training.
  • Available in Olive Drab or Flat Black.


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