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Fox Shemagh
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Rothco Shemagh
Solid Color Shemagh
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Headwrap, Scarf, Traditional Headwear
The Shemagh is the traditional Arabian headdress, which evolved from the turbans worn in ancient times. A simple wrap-around head covering with fringes that can be found in every desert area of the world, essential for protecting eyes, nose, mouth and neck.

We offer Shemagh's from three vendors, Condor Outdoor, Fox Outdoor, and Rothco. The quality is essentially identical, the color offerings vary slightly between the three companies

  • Worn by coalition forces in Afghanistan and Iraq
  • 100% cotton netting retains heat in the cold and absorbs sweat in hot conditions when worn around the neck
  • Use over face for concealment
  • Other uses include: towel, neck warmer, etc.
  • Imported
  • Size: 44 x 44" (116 cm x 116 cm)
  • Imported
The simple Shemagh. A great piece of kit for any environment, cool and covered in the summer, wind off in the winter. This great piece of gear also has a few extra uses, See below.
  1. Emergency tourniquet
  2. Water filter to remove large debris
  3. Gear tie down
  4. 2 tied together for a hasty rifle sling
  5. Dish rag
  6. Wash cloth
  7. Gun rag
  8. Pack Strap
  9. Tinder
  10. Small strip for a wick
  11. Sling
  12. Swath
  13. Secure a pressure dressing
  14. Wound packing
  15. ET/King LT tube tie
  16. Secure an IV bag to the casualty
  17. Create a pressure infuser for IV/IO application
  18. Secure casualty’s arms/legs during movement/extraction
  19. Create traction splint (with sturdy stick) for lower leg
  20. Secure arm against torso to maintain pressure dressing under armpit or axillary region
  21. Simple bandage of small wounds
  22. Secure and dress abdominal evisceration
  23. Eye cover/bandage
  24. Secure IV catheter and tubing once established
  25. Secure/stabilize flail section of chest
  26. Collection bag for casualty’s belongings
  27. Folded, padding for head on hard surface
  1. Two wrapped together, “donut roll” for depressed skull area
  2. Stabilize an impaled object
  3. Wrapped around finger for splinting
  4. Secure casualty card/triage card to casualty
  5. Cover for amputated extremity stump
  6. Moistened, emergency respiratory filter during rapid extraction from toxic exposure
  7. Folded, bite block when ET tube in place
  8. K9 muzzle for safety
  9. Secure cold/hot pact to casualty
  10. Wrapped around sprained/strained joint for added support
  11. Small torn pieces placed in ears to protect against load noise
  12. Small torn pieces used as gauze for dental injury involving minor hemorrhage
  13. Secure wound avulsion in place
  14. Cover burn wound site
  15. Moistened, wrap/protect salvageable amputated body part
  16. Hang IV bag from elevated fixed object,
  17. Secure IR chemlight to casualty for night time evacuation
  18. H2O saturated for casualty cooling if hyperthermic
  19. Stabilize maxilla
  20. Clean/prep chest for occlusive dressing application
  21. Corner of material for removal of debris in eye
  22. Packing for nosebleed
  23. Secure/restrain combative casualty
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Rothco Colors:
Red / Black S.A.R. / Safety Orange Grey
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RC 8537 Shemagh, Rothco




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