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NEBO 90 Head Lamp
90 Lumen Dual Color/Multifunction Headlamp

The NEBO® 90 Head Lamp is a powerful and convenient hands-free lighting solution...

This little gem is packed full of features that you'd find on more expensive units, such as security, flexibility, and 3 lighting modes.

The head lamp has an adjustable strap to ensure that the head lamp can be worn securely in any situation and the push button On/Off switch allows you to cycle through the 3 lighting modes: 1 White LED (90 lumens,) 2 Red LEDs (8 lumens) or 2 Red LEDs in Flash Mode.

The red LED is a low-signature light, which ensures stealth in the dark.  It is used to enhance night vision.

Red light works well with night vision scopes and goggles since it does not interfere with night vision technology and is not visible to the human eye over long distances. 

Providing great contrast on maps and charts, the red LED is a necessity for any pilot, vehicular operator or other specialists who need to preserve night vision when reading charts, map, and checklists. 

The red LED makes reading in little or no light possible.

The light from the 90 lumen power LED is visible up to 100 meters. The LEDs are rated for 110,000+ hours of life.
The head of the head lamp tilts 90° to direct light wherever you need it. Powered by 3 AAA batteries (included), the 90 Lumen Head Lamp is tough, reliable, lightweight and completely shock-proof. 

The NEBO 90 features an adjustable head strap and has 3 lighting modes:

  • White - 4 hours of continuous illumination at 90 lumens
  • Red - 150 hours of continuous illumination at 8 Lumens
  • Red Flash - 120 hours of continuous illumination at 8 Lumens

Size – One size fits all; adjustable strap 
Weight – 0.225 lbs.
Batteries – 3 AAA Batteries (Included)

Order Form Information

Qty Item Name Description Color List Our Price
NT 6003 NEBO 90 Head Lamp Black $25.00 $20.00


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