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Multi-Function Headlamp with Strobe
80Lumen Headlamp w/Red, Blue, Green Filters

The 5S Gear Multi-Function Headlamp with Strobe is a powerful 80 lumen head lamp. 

The MF Headlamp has an adjustable strap to ensure that the head lamp can be worn securely in any situation.

The head of the lamp is removable from the head strap and is mountable to any 1" M.O.L.L.E. / PALS strap/webbing also tilts 90į to direct light wherever you need it.
The push button On/Off switch allows you to choose between 40 lumens to 80 lumens of bright white light or switch between either Red, Blue, or Green LEDís. 

Red (630 nm): Red LEDs are do not appear as bright to the human eye as white LEDs. If your eyes are night vision adjusted, itís a good idea to use a red LED to navigate your way in the dark so you donít ruin your night vision.

Red light is also great for camping if you do not want to wake your neighbors with a bright white light.

Red light is the universal signal for attention, so it is a great thing to have in emergencies for signaling and safety.



Your eyes are more sensitive to blue in darker conditions, relative to the other colors.

The best use for blue light is for use in water: blue light goes straight through the water without reflecting the light back. You can see through the water as if it wasn't there. 

Blue (470 nm): Blue LEDs are useful for pilots and other personnel who need to read maps at night. Other colored LEDs (such as red LEDs) will not work for map reading because it will wash out red lines.

Most blue lights on the market are useless for tracking blood trails.

Blue light is the only light that can cut through fog,  but it's a fraction as bright as the light from a white L.E.D.


Green (525 nm): Green LEDs are useful outdoors.

The green LED's are perfect for night ops, hunting, camping or any job that needs preserved night vision. 

Many hunters claim that the green light attracts deer and other wild game, and the green light will not scare away fish, deer, and other game like a bright white light will.

The green LEDs also have a longer run time than many other colored LEDs.

  • 80 lumen maximum brightness White LED
  • Convenient hands-free lighting
  • Includes three additional LED colors: red, blue, and green
  • Switches between 50% and 100% brightness levels with strobe
  • Light mechanism will pivot for light in just the right spot
  • Shock-proof body design with impact plastic housing
  • Adjustable, removable elastic headband
  • Requires three AAA batteries (not included)
  • Imported

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TS 4662 Multi-Function Headlamp with Strobe Black



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