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Tag-It Removable Tag Holder
Small Object Retention System

Dog Tag, Keeper and Split Ring not included

For attaching Dog Tags to Dog collars, or whatever...

Designed to attach dog tags to a dog collar, we found this to be great for attaching ID or dog tags, small lights, keys, chemlight sticks, a small knife, tools and more.

Clips over M.O.L.L.E. / PALS or any 1" strap.

The Tag-it dog ID tag is one of our most popular accessories, your dog will love it! It allows the user to easily add and remove a dog ID tag to/from their pet's collar, harness or leash.

Once you attach the Tag-it to the split ring you will never have to deal with awkward split rings again. Simply loop the Tag-It dog ID tag over the collar and snap using the mini quick release buckle.

If you change your pet's collar frequently, want to remove "jingly" ID tags for a peaceful night's sleep, or if you compete with your pet, this is the product for you. Other great uses include marking cages, holding a spare house key on your leash (or your shoe laces), attaching a blinking light or chemical light stick to your child's backpack for low-light events and more.

Sizing: Fits collars that are 1" wide or smaller

Here are some innovative ways you can use a Tag-it to make your life easier. Makes a great gift!

  • Attach small items to your M.O.L.L.E. webbing.
  • Attach your dogs tags to its collar or harness.
  • Attach a chemical light stick to your gear
  • Attach your dog tags to your gear
  • Attach small lights, keys, a small knife to your gear
  • Attach ID to you Dog's Kennel when traveling.
  • Attach ID Tags to your gear.
  • Attach a spare key to your leash, backpack or even shoe lace.
  • To provide an attachment point for your cell phone or PDA on backpack straps.
  • Attach keys to the strap on your purse.
  • Attach a small light to your bag, belt, or purse.
  • Attach a small whistle to your child or child's backpack in case of emergency.
  • Attach your fishing license to your vest or belt.
  • Attach your company credentials or School ID to your belt, bag, or coat.
  • Attach a chemical light stick to your children when out at night.
  • Attach your wallet safety chain (If you wear that kind of wallet) to your belt.
  • Attach a safety leash to your fishing pole so it stays on your boat, kayak, or float tube.
  • Attach your whistle, key or safety light to a PFD (Personal Floatation Device).
  • Attach a safety tether to your family radios or walkie-talkies when hiking.
  • Attach your gloves or goggles to your ski pants when on the mountain.
  • Attach a luggage identification to your bag when traveling.
  • Attach a small multi-tool like a to your jacket when working or out and about.
  • Attach your reading glasses case to your belt or purse.
  • Attach lip moisturizer to your jacket when skiing or enjoying the outdoors.
Tactical Colors:  
Black Coyote Foliage  
Standard Colors:
Red Blue Forrest Baby Pink

Made in the USA

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CTC TA-PT-TI Tag-It Removable Tactical Tag Holder $10.00 $5.50
CTC PT-TI Tag-It (Pet ID Tag Holder) $10.00 $5.00
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