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Operator Retention Lanyard
with Tango and Snap Shackles
Whether it's you or your K9 on the business end, Cetacea has you covered...

The Operator Retention Lanyard w/Shackle manufactured by Cetacea Tactical is designed to act as a personal safety lanyard when operating from fixed wing, HELO, watercraft and dangerous heights and can be used as a Tactical Lead for K9 operators as well.

The Hardware

The Double-Locking KONG Tango Double Action Snap Hook is sewn on one end and a Forged Quick-Release Snap Shackle is sewn on the other. Both ends are bar-tacked five times to ensure operator safety in the event of an accidental fall.

The Lanyard itself is made of a flexible and durable double core enclosed in a tubular tape. This solution significantly increases the strength of the product and absorbs the energy of accidental fall.

The Forged Quick-Release Shackle connects to your belt or harness

To attach to your Rigger's Belt, rappel belt, harness, vest, or K9, the lanyard is secured with large Forged Quick-Release Snap Shackle made of stainless steel.

It is opened by pulling the Pull-Release Tab that releases the eyelet lock mounted on the spring pin even during emergency release under load.

Quick Release

The Pull-Release Tab is easy to identify and the end cap has a slight ridge that is very distinct and tactile to assist when pulling the tab while wearing heavy gloves or under wet conditions.

On the other side there is placed a Safety Snap DA USR -145- ABK MIL -SPEC compliant large size aluminum carabiner. It is characterized by ease of use; the gate with Key Lock system is opened only by pressing a steel lock on the other side. With its ergonomic design its operation is intuitive and fast.

The KONG Tango Double-Locking Snap Hook incorporates a Snag Free Nose, opens easily with one hand by simply grasping and squeezing the gate.


  • Flexible and durable double core enclosed in a tubular tape
  • KONG Tango Double-Locking Squeeze-Open Snap Hook,USR-145-ABK 
    • ANZI 359.1/ NFPA P, 7425 lbs. MBS-
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Durability:
      • Major axis strength: 30 kN
      • Open gate strength: 10 kN
      • Minor axis strength: 12 kN
  • Forged 316 Stainless Steel Quick-Release Shackle, Black Oxide Coated
  • Pull Tab with Cap
  • Made in California, USA
  • Length: 72 cm 29.13" before Extension
  • Stretched length: 100 cm 39.5" Extended​


Black Coyote Olive Drab

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CTC TA-ORL2SS Operator Retention Lanyard w/
Tango and Snap Shackle
$75.00 $68.00
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