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Mesh TAC Vest
Mesh Hydration Vest

The flexibility of the M.O.L.L.E. system with the security of a vest...

The Condor Mesh Hydration Vest is an innovative design that combines versatility with functionality.

The Mesh Hydration Vest (MHV) is made from a stiffened mesh that provides the necessary structure for all your gear, yet allows air in for ventilation and breathability.

The MHV has four hidden document pockets and is fully compatible with our M.O.L.L.E. system pouches as the M.O.L.L.E. webbing that covers the vest allows the user to customize the type and the placement of M.O.L.L.E. pouches: 9 levels of webbing across the front and 6 levels on the back for mission specific modular applications such as magazine pouches, radio pouches, blowout kit.

Velcro loop panels a adorn the upper portion area of the front of the vest and is integrated into the M.O.L.L.E. loops for application of ID panels and Nametags.

The Mesh TAC Vest is adjustable in girth with the quick adjust side straps and Velcro on the shoulders adjusts length, creating sizing from M/L and XL sizes making it one size fits most.

Each strap has a Velcro retainer clasp to keep loose and excess straps from dangling and becoming a hazard during operations.

Six belt loops add additional stability and "real estate" to your kit by allowing the addition of a Tactical Belt or G.I. Style Pistol Belt.

The front buckles up with three SRB's which provide an advantage over zippers in the respect that if the zipper breaks, you have two additional connection points to complete your mission with. Additionally, if a buckle breaks, you can replace them with our ITW 1" Repair Buckle vs. having to sew in a whole zipper.

An emergency/drag handle is located on the exterior back of the vest. 

The rear of the vest has the capability to house a Hydration Bladder in the built-in hydration carrier/exterior pocket.  This keeps valuable M.O.L.L.E. real estate on the back panel clear for either more attachments or for more comfort while sitting or allows.

The interior has a molded pad that adds comfort for the wearer, but does harbor heat (as would anything having direct contact against the torso). The form of the padding allows for increased airflow through the visible channel adding to the cooling effect.


Velcro loop panels on the back of the vest allow for the addition of ID Plates.

The Hydration Carrier/Exterior Pocket is gusseted and allow for expansion when carrying items such as a full Hydration Bladder, rain gear, ballistic panel, etc.


  • Heavy webbing over entire vest for modular attachments.
  • Three quick-release buckle in front.
  • Padded adjustable shoulders.
  • Emergency drag handle on the back.
  • Built-In Hydration pouch. (bladder not included)
  • 3-D foam padded back for comfort and airflow.
  • 2 Velcro strips on the chest and one on the back panel cover are available for nametapes and other ID placards
  • Four internal mesh pockets, two on each side.
  • Six belt loops for any web belt to secure vest.
    (belt not included)


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CD MHV Mesh TAC Vest $100.00 $45.00
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