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Special Ops Laryngoscope Set
Disposable Fiberoptic Blades
NSN#: 6515-01-450-9790

Special Ops Laryngoscope Set

A lightweight, compact, and highly innovative laryngoscope set designed to operate effectively under the most severe environmental conditions.

Ideal for use in areas where a full set of blade sizes are not required and minimal size and weight of the equipment is vitally important. This includes Tactical EMS and Special Operations Entry Teams where a full intubation set is available in the Green or Yellow zones.

The set includes a waterproof removable light source and a textured handle that accepts any Green system fiber optic blade (sold separately). The set comes standard with spare bulb, batteries and nylon case with room for a set of 2 laryngoscope blades.

The fiber optic handle is water-proof, sand-proof, and dust-proof and features a textured gripping surface. To ensure that the laryngoscopes perform as long and as well as necessary, the sets are packaged with spare bulbs and batteries.

The set includes single-use fiber optic blades made from an enhanced polymer for exceptional strength and rigidity.

For added convenience, the handle’s removable light source is designed to work with any standard (green-spec) fiber optic blade.

Durable fiber optic blade

Removable Light Source


***NOTE*** This set include 1 each Miller and Macintosh laryngoscope blades. Additional blades can be purchased separately and are available in plastic or metal, Miller and Macintosh and in all sizes. Sizes recommended for this set are one each #0, 1, 2, 3 Miller and one each #2, 3, 4 Macintosh blades.

Features Include:

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Waterproof light source
  • Set includes handle, exam light, spare batteries, spare bulb and nylon carrier
  • Fits all Green system laryngoscope blades


Special Features:

  1. Lightweight & compact
  2. Resistant to dust, sand and water
  3. Operates in severe environmental conditions
  4. Textured, water-proof & dust-proof handle
  5. Removable light source works with any standard fiber optic blade
  6. Single-use fiber optic blades of enhanced polymer for exceptional strength and rigidity

Kit Dimensions:

  1. Open: L 8 in. x W 5.5 in. x D 2 in.
  2. Closed: L 8 in. x W 2 in. x D 2 in.
  3. Weight: 10 oz

The complete set rolls up for easy storage and easy transport.


  1. ENT Pocket Light™ with two AAA Batteries (Item# 10-0007 | NSN# 6515-01-460-9605)
  2. Laryngoscope Handle (Item# 10-0005 | NSN# 6515-01-460-4736)
  3. Miller #3 Laryngoscope Blade (Item# 10-0011 | NSN# 6515-01-460-4681)
  4. Mac #3 Laryngoscope Blade (Item# 10-0013 | NSN# 6515-01-460-4685)
  5. Laryngoscope Pouch (Item# 10-0006 | NSN# 6515-01-467-7624)
  6. Spare exam light bulb
  7. Two spare AAA batteries

Order Form Information
Qty Item Name Description List Our Price
ENT-LS7 Special Ops Laryngoscope Set $115.00



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