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Scholastic BOK
K9 Handler Trauma Kit
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GP Military First Aid Kit
GP Military First Aid Kit

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Compact Patrol Medic Kit
Medical/Trauma Kit
Next generation compact personal field pack built and certified to Mil-Spec standards.

Ok, so I used to kid about this bag, I've even heard it called a "Murse". But really, this is a great mid-sized Medical/Trauma bag. It's sized in between the RAMP and the Trunk Pack and Trifold M3 Medic Bag and works great as a Compact Medic Bag. With our kit contents, one should be able to handle basic medical and traumatic emergencies with ease.

The bag has a divided large main compartment, a smaller front compartment and two more side pouches and is made from new abrasion and cut resistant 600 Cordura Nylon.

Features include zero glare zippers and fastening hardware, this pack has self healing nylon zippers with braided pull cords and heavy nylon webbing shoulder strap quickly detaches and stores in the bag.

Compression web straps secure with two nylon quick release buckles in the front and complete the carrying handle. They can be fed through the M.O.L.L.E. straps or, one can leave the straps outside of the webbing for added security and profile minimizing.
This bag has a great deal of potential in multiple configurations:
  • As a standalone shoulder bag
  • As a butt-pack on a utility belt
  • Mounted on a larger pack such as the 126 Compact Assault pack (perfect fit!)
  • Mounted on the bicycle or motorcycle handlebars or tail rack.
The inside of the pack is protected by a waterproof coating to keep your medical supplies dry and lots of individual loops and dividers for organizing.

The spacious front pocket can accommodate all of your first contact needs and with a divided internal pocket, the bag's organization capabilities increase.


The main pocket is large and comes with enough room to accommodate the bulk of the medical supplies

This bag has a great deal of potential in multiple configurations:

  • As a standalone shoulder bag or fanny pack
  • As a butt-pack on a utility belt
  • Mounted on a larger pack such as the 126 Compact Assault pack (perfect fit!)
  • Mounted on the bicycle or motorcycle handlebars or tail rack.


Large side pockets adorn both the left and right ends of the pack and allow for storage of bulkier items such as a CPR Pocketmask or Hemorrhage Control items.

Loop/pen holders (on the sides of the front compartment) are great for pens, "Sharpies", Mini Mag light or similar shaped items. One customer attached an MA56 Hand-Held Radio pouch and an MA48 Flashlight pouch in those slots which allows him access, to electronics (cell phone) and a tactical flashlight readily accessible. They merge into the bag's overall shape perfectly.


2 pairs Triton EC Exam Gloves, 4 4 Sterile Conforming Bandages 1 CPR Face Shield
4 PAWS A-M Wipes 1 H & H priMed Gauze


1 N95 Respirator Mask 1 Kerlix type Bandage Roll 10 Fabric Bandage 3/4"x3"
HEMORRHAGE CONTROL 1 Cool Blaze Burn Pad, 4"x4" 4 Knuckle Bandage 1.5"x3"
1 Israeli/Emergency Bandage, 4" 2 Cool Blaze Burn Gels 5 Butterfly Wound Closures
10 4"x4" Gauze Pads 1 Chemical Cold Pack 5 BZK Antiseptic Towelettes
2 5"x9" Trauma Pad 2 Oval Eye Pads 6 Povidone Iodine Swabs
1 3"x9" Petroleum Gauze 1 Triangular Bandages 10 Alcohol Prep Pads
TRAUMA EQUIPMENT 1 2" Silk Medical Tape


1 pair ODM Trauma shears -7.5" 1 1 Clear Surgical Tape 2 Pain Stoppers
1 Penlight 1 Thermal Rescue Blanket    
    1 Chemlight    

More medical kit items available at our Medical Kit Components page

More attachments can be found on the M.O.L.L.E Gear page


  • Manufacturer: Fox Outdoor
  • Dimensions: 11 1/2" x 6" x 5 1/2"
  • Material: 600 Denier Nylon Fiber


O.D. Green

ACUPAT / Terrain Digital

Digital Woodland


Order Form Information
Qty Item Name Description Color MSRP Price
ODM CPMK Compact Patrol Medic Kit $90.00


ODM CPMK 008 Compact Patrol Medic Kit




FX 56-41X Fox Deployment Bag, EMPTY $37.95 $30.95
FX 56-419 Fox Deployment Bag, EMPTY


$47.95 $38.95
ODM CPMK RFK Compact Patrol Medic Kit REFILL KIT




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