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ODM Tactical Burn Kit CB
Burn Trauma Kit with Cool Blaze Burn Products
Tactical/Professional Burn Care for in one comprehensive kit...

ODM's Tactical Burn Kit was designed with one thing in mind: comprehensive field treatment of the burn victim at the basic level.

Designed to treat everything from a sunburn to 3rd degree burns, this kit eliminates some of the traditional theories in equipment and replaces them with state of the art products that not only enhance burn care, but decreases the weight factor as well.

The Kit is based in either our Modular OPS Bag which has 2 individual internal compartments inside the spacious main compartment or our Utility/Medical Bag which has a smaller profile but is internally divided with 3 pockets.

The beauty of these bags is that they will accept M.O.L.L.E. compatible pouches and allows for nearly limitless configurations based on your personal preferences and needs.

Cool Blaze Sterile Burn Dressings are designed for first aid use on all types of burn injuries. The dressings are constructed of a special, soft, open-cell foam saturated with the Cool Blaze hydrogel solution with aloe and are individually wrapped in a Mylar package.


  • Cool Blaze Products offer immediate pain relief by cooling the burn wound.
  • Cool Blaze's cooling action helps minimize the depth of injury by stopping the burn progression.
  • Cool Blaze's technologically-advanced hydrogel formula remains stable at a wide range of temperatures.
  • The Cool Blaze Gel is also thick enough to help it stay on the wound site, making it easy to use and allowing the cooling action to be more effective.
  • Sterility is preferred for first aid treatment by Doctors and Emergency Personnel, to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Cool Blaze dressings are also approved as a wound dressing that soothes and protects cuts, scrapes and abrasions, including pressure ulcers, from infection.
  • Small: 4"x4" (10cm x 10cm)
  • Medium: 8"x8" (20cm x 20cm)
  • Large: 12"x12" (30x30cm) Dressing

Although the 12" x 16" Burn Dressing has a pre-cut design that can be applied like a mask on the face to effectively minimize damage, it can still be used as large dressing anywhere on the body,

Kit Contents:

1 pair ODM Trauma shears -7.5" 2 Cool Blaze Burn Gel, Bottle, 4oz.
4 pairs, BlackSeal Nitrile Gloves Size Large 12 Cool Blaze Burn Gel, Bottle, single dose packets, 3.5gm/ea
1 MEDSTORM Sterile Burn Sheet, 60"x90" 1 Cool Blaze Fire Blanket, 72"x60"
3 Cool Blaze Burn Dressing, 2"x6" 1 CotZee Flex Wrap, 4"
3 Cool Blaze Burn Dressings, 4"x4" 1 BLAST Bandage
2 Cool Blaze Burn Dressings, 8"x8" 3 Conform Bandage Roll, 3"
1 Cool Blaze Burn Dressings, 12"x16" (Facial Sized Dressing) 1 O.D. Thermal Rescue Blanket

Order Form Information
Qty Item Name Description Color Price
ODM 705 ODM Tactical Burn Kit in Utility/Medical Bag


ODM 706 ODM Tactical Burn Kit in Modular OPS Bag


ODM 707 ODM Tactical Burn Kitin Modular OPS Bag MULTICAM $337.00



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