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ODM "BASIC Bleeder Kit"
Hemorrhage Control Module
It don't come much simpler than this kit...

Our ODM "BASIC Bleeder Kit" addresses the #1 cause of mortality in the combat environment: Uncontrolled hemorrhage.

This simple design and the simplicity of the items contained therein provide the caregiver with the essentials in staunching major hemorrhage.

The container comes with a two way zipper providing for access to the kit contents either in a limited or complete manner. Unlike clear vinyl panels that discolor and crack over time and use, the pliable mesh material gives the the operator a visual access to items in the pack while providing protection and containment of contents. It also quickly identifies the pack as the Bleeder Kit, a modular part of our 126/226 Medical System.

Right sided access The 209 pouch closed Left sided access

This Bleeder Kit features supplies to control major bleeding, including the
SOF-T Wide Tourniquet and plenty of compression bandaging materials.

All of the items are on a Basic Life Support (BLS) level and are therefore available to all operators.

The kit comes packed in our Mesh Multipurpose Pouch; a basic design that opens with a two way zipper that provides for rapid access to supplies. 

The ODM Bleeder Kit carries all of the kit contents which are the suggested minimum for hemorrhage control and leaves plenty of room for additional supplies such as additional bandaging and Hemostatic agents, etc. It's a great starter pack for anyone looking to provide care with the basics of hemorrhage control.

Kit Contents:
1 BlackSeal Nitrile Gloves 1 SWAT "T" Tourniquet
1 Tactical Defender Gloves 1 HS Medical Tape
1 SOF-T Tourniquet Wide 1 ODM Mini Shears
1 6" Israeli Bandage Trauma Dressing 1 Mesh Pouch
1 Z-Pak Gauze Dressing OR H & H priMed Gauze    

Compare to competitors pricing at $150.00

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ODM 126 BK-B ODM Bleeder Kit Hemorrhage Control Module - BASIC $150.00 $68.89
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