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Disposable Supraglottic Airways with Gastric Access

Disposable Supraglottic Airway Designed for Superior Positive Pressure Ventilation as well as Spontaneous Breathing...

The KING LTS-D airway device is a versatile, simple to use, disposable supraglottic airway and is reported to be the safest and most reliable disposable supraglottic airway tool for emergency ventilation when direct laryngoscopy is not feasible or mask ventilation is deemed insufficient. Created as an alternative to tracheal intubation, the KING LTS-D is designed for positive pressure ventilation as well as for spontaneously breathing patients, thereby allowing maximum versatility as an airway management tool.

This supraglottic airway is easy to insert and is strategically designed to minimize airway trauma via an engineered shorter tube length and S-shape which minimizes sore throats and trauma. Insertion marks lets the operator know when the airway has reached the proper depth and decreases insertion time to just a few seconds.

Like the King LT-D, the LTS-D has two inflatable cuffs, one to seal esophagus and one to seal the oropharynx, and can be connected to a standard breathing circuit or a resuscitation bag.

The anatomically shaped distal tip and cuff assist in the airway’s passage behind the larynx and into the normally collapsed esophagus.

Additional features of the KING LTS-D include smaller, softer tip which aids in easier placement.  New tapered ramp design provides additional ventilation outlets.  The ramp for passage of the tube exchanger or fiberoptics is located at the proximal eye.  This reduces the need to withdraw the tube when using a tube exchanger or fiberoptics.

The KING LTS-D consistently achieves a ventilatory seal of 30 cm H2O or higher. It is easy to insert and results in minimal airway trauma. 

The pliable fabrication of the KING LTS-D is engineered to withstand extreme environmental conditions, is 100% latex free, and is provided sterile for single patient use.

The King LTS-D is similar to the LTD, but also offers the unique ability to easily pass a gastric tube (up to 18 French) through a second lumen of the airway (which is open at the distal tip of the tube) and into the esophagus and stomach

This provides for the removal of stomach fluids through the integrated gastric tube channel and also acts as a "vent" for gastric pressure and stomach decompression (in the absence of a gastric tube) while providing emergency positive pressure ventilation.

One last benefit of the second lumen/channel is that it acts as a channel for the collection of regurgitated fluids, which significantly reduces potential for regurgitation to get past the cuff and therefore aids in reducing the chance for aspiration during airway removal. 
Benefits of the KING LTS-D Disposable Supraglottic Airways
  • Simple
  • Single inflation port
  • Color-coded full range of sizes
  • Disposable
  • Gastric access via suction port/channel large enough for a gastric tube up to 18 French
  • channel for regurgitation which aids in reducing the chance for aspiration.
  • Allows for gastric pressure and stomach decompression.
  • No risk of cross-contamination
  • Custom packaged for Tactical Medics in a rugged, vacuumed-sealed bag
  • Average insertion time less than 15 seconds
  • Smaller, softer tip for easier placement
  • New tapered ramp design provides additional ventilation outlets

Special Features:

  1. Seals in the esophagus and oropharynx to provide positive pressure ventilation
  2. Smaller, softer tip for easier placement
  3. Shorter tube length
  4. additional ventilation outlets
  5. Latex free
  6. provides “vent” for gastric pressure and stomach decompression over LTD Airway


  1. Folded: H 4 in. x W 11.43 in. x D 1.92 in.
  2. UnFolded: H 8 in. x W 13.36 in. x D 1.22 in.
  3. Weight: 5.79 oz



Color Size Patient height Outer/Inner Diameter Cuff Vol. (ml. air)
Yellow 3: Small Adult 4-5 feet / -152,5 cm 14mm/10mm 45-60 ml
Red 4: Regular Adult 5-6 feet / 152,5 – 177,5 cm 14mm/10mm 45-60 ml
Purple 5: Large Adult

6 foot + /177,5 cm-

14mm/10mm 70-90 ml
Size 3: Small Adult Size 4: Regular Adult Size 5: Large Adult


  1. King LTS-D™ Supraglottic Airway Device
  2. Gastric Diverter
  3. Ventilation Extension Tube
  4. 60cc Syringe
  5. 18F Gastric Tube
  6. Sterile Lubricant
  7. Plastic Vacuum Bag


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KLTSD-T King LTS-D Airway, Laryngeal Tube ONLY $80.00 $55.00
KLTSD-K King LTS-D Airway, Laryngeal Tube KIT $76.00 $46.00
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By purchasing this kit and all products contained therein, the purchaser warrants and attests that they have the necessary training, certifications and/or authorizations to properly deploy and use the kit’s contents and/or accessories. Verification will be required

The purchaser also assumes any and all liability for events arising from their use of the kit and will not hold any person or business associated with The OPS Deck (ODM: OPS Deck Medical) nor the company of The OPS Deck (ODM: OPS Deck Medical), civilly or criminally liable.

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