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Thomas™ Endotracheal Tube Holder
Purpose Built Advanced Airway Securing Device
Never Worry about tape fastening your advanced airways again!

Designed to secure the ET tube (and other advanced airways) in place after insertion in the trachea, the Thomas ET tube holder is a state-of-the-art improvement over tape fastening methods. This Advanced Airway holder is ergonomically engineered from both the patient and the healthcare providers perspective to provide the most effective AA holder available.

The Thomas holder secures the ET tube, King Airway, Combitube, or LMA in place via the use of a quick set-screw that also facilitates easy removal without the bother and mess of tape. It also features a bite block that protects both the tube and patient. A wide Velcro® strap holds the airway tube securely yet comfortably in place and will not stretch, shrink, or come unfastened even when wet.

Not only will it accommodate ET Tubes, King Airways, Combitubes® and LMAs, its special bite block feature protects the patient and the tube.

When applying the device, the slide stick facilitates fast, efficient application of the head strap around the patient's neck without movement of the head. A quick-set screw system securely holds tubes in place and facilitates fast, easy adjustment or removal of the Thomas tube holder. The enlarged tube opening allows for the use of larger outer diameter single and double-lumen airway tubes (ETT’s, LMA’s, Combitubes, King Airways, etc). The enlarged mouth access opening grants easier suction access and visualization of the mouth while the bite block prevents biting of the larger outer diameter tubes and to protects the patient’s teeth and gums.


They are color coded for ease of identification between adult and pediatric versions.
  • Eliminates the need for cumbersome taping
  • Accommodates multiple-size ET tubes as well as Combitubes, King Airways, and LMA's
  • Holds the airway tube in place with a quick-set screw that also facilitates easy removal without the bother and mess of tape
  • Bite block protects patient's teeth and gums while keeping the tube open
  • BVM does not need to be removed to attach the Thomas Tube Holder
  • Allows for in-use suctioning of the oropharynx
  • Open-cell foam padded backing allows the patient's skin to breathe
  • Tab ensures the strap is put on tangle free
  • Special Velcro strap provides strength and comfort
  • Individually wrapped
  • Comes in adult and pediatric sizes
  • Disposable - one time use
  • Latex-free
  • Quantity discount available, call for details



Order Form Information
Qty Item Name Description Color Size


16680 020500 Laerdal Thomas Advanced Airway Holder, 1 each Blue ADULT $6.00
16681 020400 Laerdal Thomas Advanced Airway Holder, 1 each Pink PEDIATRIC $6.00
2130-230057 Laerdal Thomas Advanced Airway Holder, 1 each OD MILITARY $6.00


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