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KN95 Respirator Mask
Flatfold, Easy Storage Unit
Protect yourself and your family with this economical choice for effective, NIOSH equivalent, single-use respiratory protection...

The KN95 Protective Facial Mask offers better protection against pathogens when compared to conventional masks.

The mask features 5 layers of protection, is skin friendly, and comes with a tri-fold design with an adjustable nose/bridge piece for better fit and seal around the mouth and nose.

It is currently approved by the WHO for safety measures against COVID-19 and it protects against air pollution, fine dust, pollen, flu, haze, and other environmental particles as well as 95% of particles in the air and keeps you safe while being around compromised environments due to the flu or other illnesses.

A Technical Bulletin from 3M confirms that:

"it is reasonable to consider China equivalent to US NIOSH N95 and European FFP2 respirators."

As a result of the KN95 disposable face mask respirators being confirmed as the "equivalent" of US NIOSH N95 masks, the CDC has listed KN95 masks as an alternative to N95 masks and the FDA is now allowing importation of Chinese KN95 face mask respirators in order to fill the desperate lack of supply faced in the U.S.

5 Ply Construction
1 PP water proof / breathable non-woven fabric
2 Melt-blown non-woven fabric
3 Non-Woven fabric
4 Melt-blown non-woven fabric
5 Superfine non-woven fabric

The combination of low breathing resistance and high efficiency of the masks inner layer allows for wide vision and comfort for wear during extended periods.

As a Particulate Filter (95% efficiency level), these masks provide effective protection against airborne viruses and meets NIOSH and CDC standards for N95 protection against airborne pathogens and M. tuberculosis protection against certain airborne particulates and pandemic diseases such as H5N1 , H1N1 , AVIAN FLU and SARS and are approved by the WHO for safety measures against COVID-19.

They are individually, hygienically packed for safe use and are ideal for business, medical or personal use.

Because these masks are folded flat and individually wrapped for easy storage, you can keep these masks in your purse, glove box, first aid kit, desk drawer or more. It will keep clean and dry for when you need it. The are easy to fit and comfortable to wear.

  • Latex free for users with sensitive skin and individually, hygienically packed for safe use
  • Flat fold type for easy storage
  • Tri-fold design
  • Soft ply elastic Earloops
  • Soft, comfortable inner layer
  • Clear vision
  • 5 Ply construction
  • Low breathing resistance with high filtration efficiency.
  • Easy breathing/speaking
  • Adjusts for different head sizes as well as a snug fit around the nasal and mouth areas
  • TriFold design and adjustable nosepiece provides a custom seal for different facial sizes.
  • Provides effective viral infection barrier such as Swine and Avian Flu viruses.
  • Is currently approved by the WHO for safety measures against COVID-19
  • Ideal for use outdoors for allergy protection during rescue work
  • Works effectively in a variety of industrial and medical uses
  • Good for single use
  • Discard after use or follow instructions regarding time limitations
  • This mask is suitable for cold weather, allergic skin, is the perfect mask if you have to be outside to perform daily tasks, errands or other active activities.

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CD DPM KN95 KN95 Respirator Mask Box of 10 $29.99 $24.95 $18.00

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