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MedSource Sharps Dart
Compact IV Needle/Small Syringe Safety Collection Device


Perfect for your ALS bag, IV start kit, trauma bag, or for EVIDENCE COLLECTION...

The MedSource Sharps Dart features a simple, one-handed operation to open and close the disposal opening while it's convenient size makes it fit easily into carry bags for EMS, Fire/Rescue and Nursing

The MedSource Sharps Dart Sharps Container is designed for convenient containment of used needles and small syringes. This unique single use device measuring 1.2" in diameter by 6.7" long has a tapered body style with a vertical “Point First” design facilitates easy storage in your kit/bag. The clear tube provides for easy visualization of contents for fill-level monitoring and the new quick-tab locking top secures contaminants / contents until disposal of up to 6 used IV needles.

The transportable Sharps Dart is conveniently sized for easy transport in situations such as EMS, Ambulance, Home Health care or psychiatric units. The locking mechanism secures the contents during transports.


  • Small Size
  • One Handed Operation
  • Locking Lid
  • Puncture Resistant Bottom
  • Transparent for easy visualization of contents
  • accommodates up to 6 needles or one syringe
  • snap locking top closure for one handed opening and closing
  • Measures 6.7" x 1.2"
  • Tested to the Standard of ISO ASTM F2132-01 for Puncture Resistance
  • Portable for EMS Professionals
  • Safely dispose of sharps immediately after use
  • Once Sharp is contained with a locked lid risk of sharp stick is eliminated
  • The heavy weight plastic bottom has been tested and proved puncture resistant
  • 510K Cleared

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MS 64250 MedSource Sharps Dart $4.32 $3.00
MS 64250-24 MedSource Sharps Dart, Case/24 units $103.68 $72.00
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