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CELOX hemostatic Control Granules
Temporary Traumatic Wound Treatment

CELOX is a high-performance hemostatic agent. It is a proprietary marine biopolymer designed to stop high-volume arterial bleeding. CELOX is suitable for many applications, from deep arterial bleeds to superficial wounds....

CELOX™ is a high performance Chitosan-derived hemostatic designed to stop lethal bleeding fast. It is easy to use, extremely effective (clots blood in 30 seconds), and safe (is a CE Marked Class III Medical Device).

When mixed with blood, CELOX™ forms a robust gel like clot in 30 seconds. It works independently of the bodies normal clotting processes. Its clotting ability has been proven to work in hypothermic conditions and in the presence of common anticoagulants such as Coumadin and Heparin. It also does not generate heat and will not burn the casualty or care giver.


When placed directly into a bleeding wound and subjected to pressure, the positively charged CELOX granules cross-link with negatively charged red blood cells, forming a sticky pseudo clot that blocks blood flow. This clot sticks well to moist tissue to plug the bleeding site. CELOX does not set off the normal clotting cascade, it only clots the blood it comes directly into contact with. CELOX also does not set off a blood clotting response which would lead to clots being formed at a distance to the product.

CELOX Granules is easy to use:

  1. Just rip open a packet,

  2. pour the granules into the wound,

  3. apply bandaging material and

  4. apply direct pressure and the bleeding stops rapidly.

  5. For larger wounds, use of more than one packet may be necessary.


  • EMS Personnel
  • Military Medics
  • Law Enforcement
  • Wilderness Rescue


  • Proven to control arterial bleeding within minutes
  • Works in hypothermic conditions
  • FDA cleared to work on anti-coagulated blood
  • No heat – no burning
  • Sterile, waterproof packaging
  • Easy to irrigate from wound
  • Applied using basic first aid skills
  • Suitable for a  wide range of bleeding wounds
    • Arterial and venous bleeding
    • Surface and deep wounds
    • Lacerations, grazes and minor cuts
Order Form Information
Qty Item Name Description Unit Size Price
BT 1214-91515 CELOX hemostatic Clotting Agent, 15Gm 15 Gram Pack, OD


BT 1214-93535 CELOX hemostatic Clotting Agent, 35Gm 35 Gram Pack, OD



Clinical Testing
In clinical tests by the US marines, CELOX™ was the only product to give 100% survival. It gave a strong stable MAP (mean arterial blood pressure) and was also the only product to give robust clotting with no re-bleeding.

CELOX’s™ safety has been tested to the intense class 3 CE mark standards. CELOX™ is made with Chitosan. Chitosan is broken down by lysozyme, a human enzyme, to leave glucosamine, a sugar which is normally found in the body.

CELOX™ does NOT use non degrading procoagulant minerals or nano particles such as smectitie or kaolin, which will remain in the body indefinitely unless completely removed.

Controls Major Arterial Bleeding
CELOX’s unusual properties have been confirmed in wound models, where they have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to rapidly control major arterial bleeding (without cautery) from traumatic wounds. The granular presentation provides a simple, quick way to stop bleeding and is particularly useful in treating difficult and deep wounds. A clot forms at the site of the injured blood vessel within minutes after pouring the product into the wound. Excess granules form a gelled mass to protect the clot. The gelled material is easy to remove.

No Known Side Effects
CELOX does not generate any heat, produce burning, nor does it embed itself into the wound. Even though CELOX is derived from shellfish, it does not cause allergic reaction.

Works on All Blood Temperatures
CELOX works whether blood temperature is 98.7°F (37.05°C) or 65.4 F (18.5 °C).

Works on Heparinized Blood
CELOX works on heparinized blood because it works independently of the blood clotting factors.

Lightweight, Portable, Easy to Administer
CELOX granules are lightweight, packaged in sterilized, sealed packets which are easy and fast to open. CELOX is poured into the wound and held down with gauze for 5 minutes. A compression bandage is then wrapped over the gauze covered wound and patient is transported.




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