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SWAT "T" Tourniquet
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Control Wrap w/Velcro

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Emergency High Strength Pressure Bandages
4 and 6 inch Emergency Bandage
For fast response to severe bleeding & trauma situations

Immediate and effective direct pressure to a wound is the primary and most effective way to control bleeding...

One dressing does it all ...

  • Simple dressing
  • Pressure dressing
  • Tourniquet

The Dynarex Emergency High Strength Pressure Bandages in their new compact packaging are the upgraded edition of the original, most effective bandage in use today.

This bandage introduces important new features with unique added advantages in a single, easy-to use wound dressing at a fraction of the cost of other similar bandages.

This all-in-one device consolidates multiple first-aid devices such as a primary dressing, pressure applicator, secondary dressing, and a foolproof closure apparatus to secure the bandage in place.

This bandage is the ideal solution for emergency treatment when every second counts.

The "Pressure Bar"

After engagement of the pressure bar, wrapping the leader in any direction around the limb or body part and onto the pressure bar forces the pressure bar down onto the pad creating the direct pressure needed to bring about homeostasis.

An innovative, combat proven first-aid device for the staunching of blood flow from traumatic hemorrhage wounds in pre-hospital emergency situations.

The Dynarex Emergency High Strength Pressure Bandage is designed for quick and easy application by professional and non-professional caregivers to provide effective, multi-functional treatment. This bandage's sterile, non-adherent pad applies pressure to any site, can be easily wrapped and secured, and has an additional application, similar to a tourniquet, to further constrict blood-flow.

The product is so easy to use that even an injured person can self-apply the bandage with one hand.

  • Immediate direct pressure
  • Quick and easy self-application
  • Significant time, space, and cost savings
  • Secure, water-resistant closure bar
  • X-Ray friendly
  • Versatile

Stop & Go
The wrapping leader is released in short lengths of elastic bandage with the natural wrapping movement of the hand thus preventing unraveling if dropped. The result is easier, quicker, more effective and more controlled bandaging.

Compact & Quiet
Maintaining the same sizes and dimensions for all versions of the Emergency Bandage, the new double vacuum packaging makes each bandage pack between 20%-50% smaller fitting into any pouch, pocket, pack or kit.

Offering Ideal Functionality on the Battlefield
The original bandage with the new innovative features improves functionality in treating hemorrhage in emergency situations. Tactical integrity is maintained by eliminating any rustling or plastic bag noise when not in use and is also made to open without noise.

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DYN3683 Dynarex Emergency High Strength Pressure Bandages, 4" $11.70


DYN3684 Dynarex Emergency High Strength Pressure Bandages, 6" $11.70


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