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Combat Casualty Blanket
OD-Silver, Lightweight
NSN#: 7210-00-935-6665

Designed by NASA for space exploration, this is pretty much a standard top-end rescue blanket, but in OD instead of Rescue Red...

Used by outdoor enthusiasts and SAR teams, this by-product of super insulating materials was originally developed by MPI for NASA and adopted by the US government for medical applications.  It's small enough to fit in your pack, yet opens to a full 5' x 7' size.

This is a standard CASEVAC blanket used for hypothermia control in combat casualties. Not the thin Mylar stuff, but a real survival blanket with corner grommets and is way better than a standard Mylar space blanket, and is even better than most modern "adventure" emergency thermal bivy, as the grommets and form provide SO many uses and options.

Lightweight and strong, this is a tool that can save your life and will last a long time given proper care. This is an essential piece of survival kit that no one should be without!


This multipurpose windproof, waterproof blanket serves many purposes; as a lightweight insulator with a sleeping system or as a standalone cover, as a tarp, blanket, water collector, or even use the reflective silver side as a signaling device due to it's ability to maintain it's high visibility state in the wild.

Thisdurable  piece of survival gear helps provide warmth, comfort and protection from the elements while as it's flexible to minus 12°F, and can reflect back 80-90% of body heat utilizing super insulation proven in space missions.

Lightweight at 12 ounces and an easy addition to car and home emergency kits, the Combat Casualty Blanket is a smart buy for preparedness enthusiasts.

This blanket has many uses and advantages over other gear options:
  • This can provide a decent "bivy-shelter" (over top half of bivy).
  • This blanket will also make a great ground-cloth (under a tent, bag, or bivy)
  • Can keep your butt or knees dry.
  • Collect rain or dew and funnel that into a container.
  • Can be used almost any way that a tarp or poncho can.
  • Can be tied it into a GI poncho with liner to make a "Ranger Taco"
  • One (or TWO!) of these and two (milspec snap) ponchos, a few bundles of P-cord and a knife, and one can make an almost unlimited number of shelter formats and greatly increase your comfort, in the cold and rain.
ASTROLAR® reinforcing fabric is a four ply laminate of clear polyethylene film, a precise vacuum deposition of pure aluminum, a special reinforcing fabric and a layer of colored polyethylene film that provides up to 50% more tear and puncture resistance.

That makes this a multipurpose, waterproof, soil resistant, compact and windproof, reflective, thermal, all weather emergency blanket a life saving tool that is fully edge bound with sturdy stitched nylon finished edges and is grommeted at all corners, which, at 84 x 60 inches, makes it the "ideal outdoor safety blanket", for personal protection, ground covers, boating, hiking, sight visibility, emergency tarp or shelter, and signaling device.

  • All Weather Blanket
  • Multipurpose
  • Lightweight (lighter than a poly-tarp).
  • Durable (about as durable as a poly-tarp).
  • Windproof / Waterproof
  • Moisture resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Shelter from elements
  • Provides warmth, comfort and protection
  • Made of super sturdy 4 ply ASTROLAR® reinforcing fabric
  • Super Insulator For Warmth And Protection
  • Reflects And Retains  up to 80% - 90% of your Body Heat
  • Corner Grommets.
  • Reflective emergency signal from Aluminized Material metal surface
  • Radar Reflective
  • Lightweight
  • Fairly compactable (but you have to fold &/or roll it, NOT stuff it)
  • Dimensions: 84 X 60 inches / 2.14 x 1.52m.
  • Weight: 12 oz.
  • Color: Olive Drab to Silver
  • Made in USA.   

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RC 9069

G.I. Aluminized Casualty Blanket - OD, 1 Each $30.99 $23.99


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