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Disposable EVAC / MCI Stretcher
Light Weight Disposable EVAC Stretcher and Transfer Sheet
A disposable stretcher for everyday use, tactical applications, mass casualty, and disaster preparedness...

The lightweight Disposable EVAC / MCI Stretcher by ODM is designed specifically for everyday EMS use and pre-hospital personnel's patient transfer needs but it especially "shines" in disaster response .

This economic emergency stretcher is equipped with 12 separate handholds for ease of patient movement and ability to be used as a rigid stretcher with poles during any emergency situation. This unit is a compact, cost effective, portable transport unit used to transport, transfer or rescue patients from areas inaccessible to standard stretchers.

It is made of high strength, interwoven polyethylene, and tested to over 450 lbs. tear strength. With pre-cut hand holds, the stretcher enables providers to move a patient between bed and gurney, down staircases, or around tight corners with the entire team using the hand holds to lift the patient. Easing the burden of lifting heavy patients alone, or becoming strained while lifting in poor positions, the pole stretcher is exceptionally strong, impervious to body fluids and flat enough to fold and leave under your gurney mattress for easy access.

The Disposable EVAC / MCI Stretcher provides emergency professionals with the performance emergency situations demand

The Disposable EVAC / MCI Stretcher has the ability to convert into a standard 2-pole stretcher with the addition of, you guessed it, 2 poles (wooden, metallic, or otherwise) that you can obtain at almost any hardware store.

It can then be used as a Disposable Emergency Stretcher for everyday use to transfer the patient from the EMS stretcher to the hospital bed after transport and folds down into a small package weighing only one pound.

It stands up to the most rigorous conditions and ensure safe handling of patients in challenging environments. 

Capable of holding up to 450 pounds, this fluid-resistant, rugged, interwoven polyethylene construction provides strength and durability and stands up to rigorous conditions and while it is washable, it is designed for disposable or limited use.


The Disposable EVAC / MCI Stretcher can be used in the following ways:
  • As a Disposable Emergency Stretcher for Mass Causality and Disaster Preparedness
  • As a Tactical Medical transport platform
  • As a Disposable Backboard cover and Strapping Support System
  • As a Disposable Patient Transfer System to move the patient from the backboard to the hospital gurney
  • As a Disposable Gurney Sheet
  • As a Search and Rescue Gurney
  • As a Disposable Patient Transfer System to move the patient from the bed to a chair and back
  • As a Seated Patient Evacuation System


  •  Interwoven polyethylene construction
  • 12 individual hand holds
  • 450 lbs. capability
  • convertible from flexible to 2 pole stretcher
  • washable or disposable
  • folds to a compact size
  • weighs one pound
  • available in Olive Drab or White
Order Form Information


Qty Item Name Description Color List Our Price
  ODM DEMS-1 ODM Disposable EVAC / MCI Stretcher, 1 EACH $15.95


  ODM DEMS-50 ODM Disposable EVAC / MCI Stretcher, CASE OF 50 $500.00 450.00

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