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H&H Wound Seal Kit
TCCC-Compliant Occlusive Dressing Kit
NSN: 6510-01-573-0300 / 6510-01-562-3346
The H&H Wound Seal Kit provides a fast application for sealing wounds quickly to stop external bleeding...

The Wound Seal Kit is a sterile, TCCC-compliant occlusive dressing that comes vacuum sealed with a 6″ x 8″ plastic sealing rectangle and hydrogel adhesive to stick to the wound and the surrounding skin through blood and debris.

Along with the wound seal, the kit comes with a sterile 8″ x 7.5″ ABD Pad. The sealing rectangle has the same polyurethane carrier and adhesive as the Bolin Chest Seal and is especially applicable for chest exit wounds or additional chest wounds when used in conjunction with a vented chest seal.

Our new redesigned seal comes with rounded edges to reduce friction with clothing. We’ve also added a new long tab to one end to allow for venting and easy removal and repositioning of the seal over the injury.

TCCC Guideline - Management of Open or Sucking Chest Wounds

Tactical Field Care and CASEVAC Care - Breathing:

All open and/or sucking chest wounds should be treated by immediately applying an occlusive material to cover the defect and securing it in place. Monitor the casualty for the potential development of a subsequent tension pneumothorax."


Wound Seal Single Unit
  • Item Number: HHWSK02
  • NSN: 6510-01-573-0300
  • Package Dimensions: 6″ x 2.5″ x .25″
  • Package Weight: 4 oz.
Wound Seal Case
  • Item Number: HHWKS01
  • NSN: 6510-01-562-3346
  • Quantity: 25/case

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Qty. Item# Description MSRP Our Price
HHWSK02 H&H Wound Seal Kit, 1 EACH $17.65 $15.00
HHWKS01 H&H Wound Seal Kit, CASE OF 25 $427.36 $390.00
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