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Cyclone Pocket BVM
Compact BVM (Bag Valve Mask) w/O2 Hose
NSN#: 6515-01-593-4841
Ventilations are important, don't let anyone tell you differently... Oxygen is important to prevent further cell injury, including anoxic brain injury.  Delivery can be accomplished in one of two ways; Mouth to Mouth, or Device to Mouth, (the latter is better)...

The Cyclone® New & Improved Pocket BVM® (Bag Valve Mask) is today’s most compact, easy-to-use, hand-held, disposable BVM available for providing manual resuscitation and emergency ventilatory support for adult patients who are not breathing or who are in respiratory distress.

The Cyclone® New & Improved Pocket BVM®  is designed for one-time patient use to eliminate cross contamination; however it can be re-folded for training purposes.

It is ideal in either emergency or clinical settings and replaces any standard BVM combining all components and operational capabilities into one compact unit.

Being made of medical grade silicon, its unique collapsible design fits in the palm of your hand, is quick-to-deploy, easy-to-operate, and does not need to be manually inflated prior to use.

To help reduce rescuer operational fatigue, The Pocket BVM requires minimum pressure for compression of the bag to ventilate and, due to its design, quickly recovers its shape during use. Additionally, the bag has a textured grip to prevent slippage which enhances performance and reliability.

The compact, fully functional adult BVM that reduces storage space by up to 75% compared to traditional manual resuscitators.

Engineered to meet the exact needs of manual ventilation and with the same functionality while minimizing cube space for storage, the Pocket BVM Manual Resuscitator comes packaged in a rugged, hard plastic, twist-top case and comes complete with a bag, mask, patient valve, reservoir bag, and 2m O2 line (oxygen tubing) for delivering supplemental oxygen when possible.

All equipment complies with the safety standards.

· Size Unpacked: 8.5 in. long, 4.7 in. diameter (217mm length, 121mm diameter)
· Size Packed: 2.5 in. high, 5.3 in. diameter (63mm high, 134mm diameter)
· Delivered Oxygen Concentration: 55% (at 2 L/min) to 100% (at 8 L/min)
· Recommended operating temperature: 0°F to +122°F (-18°C to +50°C)
· Mass of the resuscitator, face mask and the resuscitator case: Resuscitator 273 g, Case. 90 g, Mask 87 g, Total 450 g
· Total Weight: 15.9 oz.
· Resuscitator Volume: 1600 ml.
· Bag Reservoir Volume: 2600 ml.
· Stroke volume: one hand 800ml, two hands 1400 ml
· Dead space: <6 ml
· Expiratory resistance: 3.4 cm H2O
· Inspiratory resistance: -4.5 cm H2O
· Body Mass Suitable for Use: >88lbs. (40kg)
· Gas inlet tube 15mm length x 6mm O.D.
· Patient connector:
  Outside - 22mm male (ANSI/ISO)
  Inside - 15mm female (ANSI/ISO)
· Expiratory connector (for PEEP valve attachment): 30mm male (ISO)
· Compact adult BVM that offer up to 75% cube space reduction over traditional BVM’s
· Compact and collapsible BVM in a rugged, hard plastic, twist-top case
· Quick to deploy and does not need to be manually inflated prior to use
· Ergonomic cushioned mask design fits securely to facial contours
· "See-through" mask
· Single use eliminates cross contamination.
· Requires minimum pressure for compression and quickly recovers shape
· Superior resistance to high/low temperature unaffecting bag re-expansion
· Textured grip to prevent slippage.
· Resuscitator is attachable to Endotracheal Tubes, LMA's, King Airways, Combitubes, EOA's, EGTA's
· Built in adaptor allows for Peep valve attachment
· Built in exhaust deflector
· Includes bag, mask, patient valve, reservoir bag, 2cm inlet for oxygen drive line.
· This model includes 6' 6" tubing for delivering supplemental oxygen when available

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See our Pocket BVM with our O2 Supply Tubing as an alternative

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Cyclone New & Improved Pocket BVM



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