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1 JULY 2013
SITREP: Condor Outdoor to eliminate ACU from a majority of their product line
Condor Outdoor will be eliminating ACU from their color options on a majority of their product line effective immediately.

The products mostly involve the M.O.L.L.E. pouches and associated items.

Their focus is shifting to color and camouflage patterns that are more in demand such as MULTICAM and A-TACS-AU.

In the fall of 2013, Condor will be offering another variation of A-TACS (FG) that is more brush oriented with more "green" blended into the pattern.

Camouflage patterns that are more in demand such as MULTICAM and A-TACS-AU are currently being offered in a variety of products.

In the fall of 2013, Condor will be offering another variation of A-TACS (FG) that is more brush oriented with more "green" blended into the pattern.

Also look for KRYPTEK Mandrake and Highlander patterns to become available in the summer of 2013.

Condor will be offering these patterns in their TC and TCM Tactical Operator Caps this summer with potential to spread this pattern to other items based on success with the headwear product line.


Below is a list of all items that are being discontinued by Condor Outdoor with specifics to color


130: Sniper Drag Bag ACU
131: Sniper Shooters Mat ACU
137: Utility Shoulder Bag ACU
140: Sling Bag ACU
140: Sling Bag MC
#143: Fanny Pack OD
#143: Fanny Pack ACU
#145: 3-WAY Laptop Case OD
#145: 3-WAY Laptop Case TAN
#145: 3-WAY Laptop Case ACU
#145: 3-WAY Laptop Case MC
#146: Messenger Bag ACU
150: 28" Rifle Case ACU
153: Brief Case ACU
157: E&E Bag ACU
208: Passport/ID Holder ACU
#215: H-Harness ACU
#216: Cat Eye Band OD
#216: Cat Eye Band BLACK
#216: Cat Eye Band TAN
#216: Cat Eye Band ACU
#218: Roll-Up Cleaning Mat ACU
#219: Cross Over Leg Rig OD
#219: Cross Over Leg Rig TAN
#219: Cross Over Leg Rig ACU
222: Wash Kit ACU
#ASH: Vertical Shoulder Holster ACU
#CPC: Compact Plate Carrier ACU
#CR: 7 Pocket Chest Rig OD DIG
#EP1: Elbow Pad ACU
#ETV: Elite Tactical Vest ACU
#H-1911: 1911 Ambidextrous Holster ACU
#H-Beretta: Beretta Ambidextrous Holster ACU
#HCB2: Hydration Carrier II ACU
#ETV: Elite Tactical Vest ACU
#KP1: Knee Pads ACU
#KP2: Knee Pad 2 ACU
MA10: Modular Pistol Holster ACU
MA11: Modular Gas Mask Pouch ACU
MA12: Shotgun Ammo Pouch ACU
MA13: 40mm Grenade Pouch ACU
MA14: Double Frag Grenade Pouch ACU
MA15: Single Frag Grenade Pouch ACU
MA24: Double Open-Top M14 Mag Pouch ACU
MA25: Utility Leg Rig ACU
MA28: Single Flashbang Pouch ACU
MA29: Double Flashbang Pouch ACU
#MA3: Modular Butt Pack ACU
MA31: P90 & UMP45 Mag Pouch ACU
#MA37: MP5 Mag Pouch ACU
#MA38: Drop leg Dump Pouch ACU
#MA39: Modular ID Panel ACU
#MA42: Stacker M4/M16 Mag Pouch ACU
#MA47: Handcuff Pouch ACU
#MA48: Flashlight Pouch ACU
#MA49: EMT Glove Pouch ACU
*MA50: Kangaroo Mag Pouch ACU
*MA5: Single M4 Mag Pouch ACU
*MA51: Double Kangaroo Mag Pouch ACU
#MA57: GPS Pouch ACU
#MA59: M4 Buttstock Mag Pouch ACU
*MA9: Radio Pouch ACU
#MCR1: Modular Chest Rig I ACU
#MCR3: Modular Chest Panel ACU
#MCR4: OPS Chest Rig ACU
#MHV: Mesh Hydration Vest ACU
#MPC: Modular Plate Carrier ACU
#MV: Modular Style Vest ACU
#TCT: Tactical Team Cap ACU
#TCTM: Mesh Tactical Team Cap ACU
#UH1: Universal Holster ACU


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