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EMS Pro Response Pack/Kit
Crossover Leg Rig / ASRP1 "Minimalist"
The Crossover Medical Response Pack is a multipurpose drop leg rig. In the EMS Pro Response Kit configuration, it allows EMS professionals, First Responders, Sports Medicine Technicians, and anyone else rapid access to the most commonly used items when treating the ill or injured.

There are several compartments and pockets to this unique pack..

On both sides of the main compartment are tool pouches. And on the front side, as well as on the flap, are small compartments for miscellaneous items. The top strap is meant to be used like a belt, around the waist, and the bottom strap secures the rig to the leg. This is a great multi-purpose addition to a high speed/low drag outdoor rig.

Inner view of main compartment

The front pocket of the bag has an open sleeve at the front (great for exam gloves) and a zippered compartment with two inner sleeves that make it easy to organize tools, pens, for additional tools less commonly used (bandage scissors, hemostats, seatbelt cutter, window punch, etc.).  Also a great place to store frontline trauma gloves


The main compartment is extremely roomy and has two additional inner pockets on the front and rear walls. It's large enough to accommodate a CPR Pocket mask, stethoscope, BP cuff, 2" silk tape rolls, HD extrication gloves, red biohazard bags, trauma dressings (Israeli , petroleum gauze, and bulk kling), SAM splints, and other things that I'm sure you can come up with. To keep your items additionally secure (clean?) there is a draw string sleeve to keep contents from falling out once they are in.

Loaded Drawstring Sleeve

The top flap closes over the main compartment and is secured with an Ultralock buckle.  The buckle has a tension strap that can compress the contents of the main compartment down for a more compact feel. Additionally, in the main cover flap is another zippered pocket, great for extra gloves or antimicrobial wipes. Two side pockets are perfect for holding multi-tools (Gerber on the left), EMS Shears, TAC Lights (CTL-112 on the left), and penlights.

The Rear pocket is great for storing additional supplies like additional gloves, complete PPE kits, or additional hemorrhage control items

On these back views, one can see the Velcro loop for the additional leg strap that adds stability to this rig.

All in all, this is a great pack for all kinds of medical aids, trauma, MCI, first aid events, or routine sports injuries.


O.D. Green
Coyote Tan Black
  • Main compartment with 420D packcloth and drawstring closure.
  • Front pocket with zipper closure.
  • Additional side-release buckle flap, with zipper pocket over center compartment.
  • Two side utility pouches for flashlight, multi-tool, pistol mag.....etc.
  • Additional mesh compartment on the back with zipper closure.
  • Single waist/shoulder strap for dual usage.
  • Single detachable leg strap for stability when using as waist pack/leg rig.
  • Overall Size : 11"H x 14"W x 5"D


The EMS Pro Response Kit with Tools comes with the following:
FAK - First Aid Kit
The EMS Pro Response Kit with First Aid Contents include the following


BTK - Trauma Kit
The EMS Pro Response Kit with Basic Trauma Contents include the following
BSTRK - Basic Sports Trainers Response Kit
The EMS Pro Response Kit with Basic Trauma Contents include the following
Order Form Information  
Qty. Item# Description Color Price
  CD-219-EMS EMS Pro Response Pack, EMPTY $30.00
  CD-219-EMS-T EMS Pro Response Kit - TOOLS Kit  
  CD-219-EMS-FAK EMS Pro Response Kit - First Aid Kit  
  CD-219-EMS-BTK EMS Pro Response Kit - Basic Trauma Kit $54.00
  CD-219-EMS-BSTRK EMS Pro Response Kit - Basic Sports Trainers Response Kit  

Additional Medical Components available on our Medical Kit Components page


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