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Tactical IV Start Kit Module
Pocket Vascular Access Carrier

Handy IV start kit holds all of your vascular access start needs...

This handy pocket organizer was initially designed to fit into your cargo pants pockets to carry all your small mission specific items such as pens, pencils, lights, notepads, PDAs and the other tools of the trade. We've found through field experimentation that it makes for an awesome IV start kit.

This pouch is built for easy deployment and retrieval. There are several dividers that make organization of your IV catheters, locks, BSI, and other essentials a snap.
Externally, there is a mesh pocket with a hook & loop fastener; great for gloves and tourniquets
Double zippers open the kit fully
Internally, on the left side, there are several loops (5 in all) that work well for pre-set IV catheters (out of their packages), pens, syringes, and Cyalume light stick (tethered by the lanyard on the left side).  On the right, there are two slotted pockets for IV catheters in their packaging.

There are two lanyards on the top corners of the internal section that  work great for tethering mini-lights, cyalume light sticks, or other lighting sources.

Behind that is a pocket that works well for prep-wipes, gauze pads, Opsites, even a pre-loaded saline flush syringe.
The loops are tight enough to hold the catheter covers in place providing for ease of removal of angiocath from their sheaths M.O.L.L.E attachments on the rear of the kit allows for application to any M.O.L.L.E. panel including vests and aid packs
  • Reinforced M.O.L.L.E. Straps on rear with small handle
  • 3 internal slots and compartments
  • Vinyl ID Window with Hidden Pocket
  • 600 Cordura Nylon
  • Double Zipper Closure
  • FREE Removable US Flag!


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CD MA16-IV Pocket/Tactical IV Start Kit $15.00 $12.50
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