Wall Mount / Hanging EMS Organizer V1
Semi Rigid Organizer
Organize and have rapid access to your gear with this Wall Mounted Hanging EMS Organizer!

Although the Condor Pack Insert is designed to work with the Condor Compact Assault Pack or similar sized packs/bags, we've found this semi-rigid hook & look modular panel to be more than just a pack insert. 

When in the fully opened position, we found the pack to be a great wall mount organizer for EMS transport services and in clinical situations.

The VA7 comes with with two panels and three pouches. The two panels come with multiple elastic keepers which allow for a variety of configurations for quick access to IV start supplies, frequently  used, medical tools, and basic airways.

The three pouches (one with a mesh window and flap closure and two with vinyl windows and flap closures, all measuring 8.5" x 4.5" x 1.5") are great for specialized items such as IO access items, hemorrhage control items ventilatory items, burn care supplies,  and resources common to caring for the sick and injured in "non-linear" environments.


The top panel can be configured to hold specialized intervention modules such as Pneumothorax Control, I/O Infusion, and a Blowout or Burn Kit.

The Blowout Kit Module holds standard intervention items such as bandaging items, decompression needle, NPA, and chest seals. Since it's mounted via Velcro, it's readily deployable on an moment's notice.

The Chest/Pneumo Module is designed to intervene in the case of actual or impending pneumothorax. Large enough to hold a stethoscope, multiple chest seals, multiple decompression needles, 4 oz bottle of Betadine, foam tape, it's large enough to handle what's presented in front of you.

The I/O or Interossious Module holds items necessary to successfully insert, check placement, and maintain I/O access. Items such as gloves, manual I/O needles, EZ I/O drill and needles, extension locks, 3 way valve sets and 60cc syringes, and tape all fit in this Velcro mounted pouch.


The lower panel replaces your IV access box. If you're still running with a fishing/tackle box to hold all of your vascular access items, you know how much space they take up as well as how difficult it can be when they decide to turn upside down and empty themselves on the floor of your unit while traveling code to the trauma center. This panel offers two shingles of organization that's going to make your life easier when you go to start a line.

Shingle 1:
The first shingle has 2 row of double looped elastic (smaller over larger) which enables the provider to store angiocaths of various sizes. Larger elastic loops allow for items such as NS flushes and additional items to be stored.

More elastic looping sectioned off into smaller parts for smaller items such as hypodermic needles, locks, syringes of varying size, hemostats, shears, pens, sharpies, etc.



The Pack Insert as a Wall Mount Hanging EMS Organizer, as with all of Condor's VA Series Modular Accessories, becomes a force multiplier by allowing operators to organize their "kit" easily and access supplies when needed without digging in a bag or box.

The semi-rigid construction and grab handle is engineered for easy deployment and retrieval of the insert. A single hook and loop strap keeps the insert secure when it's not mounted or deployed.

Each Hanging EMS Organizer comes ready to mount with either 2 GRIMLOC Carabiners or 2 ITW TAC-LINK Carabiners for mounting.



At left:
Alternative "Saddlebag" mount over retainer wall of ambulance providing access to items on both sides of the wall.

  • Comes with hook & look modular panels and pouches
    • Two panels with elastic keeper
    • One 8.5 x 4.5 x 1.5 pouch with mesh window and flap closure
    • Two 8.5 x 4.5 x 1.5 pouch with Vinyl window and flap closure
  • Semi-rigid construction to keep insert in form for easy deployment
  • Grab handle
  • Import
  • 32.5" x 8.75 x 3" when laid fully open
  • 15" x 8.75" x 3" closed


O.D. Tan


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