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Omni Pro EMS Bag
MS Trauma Bag
Trauma Attack Pack
MS O2 Responder Bag
Pro O2 Go Bag
Discreet AED/MED Bag
CCT Transport Pack
EMS Trauma Bag
First Alert Rescue Bag
Small Turnout Pack
Weekender Pack
Med Slinger Pack

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PRO2/AED "Go Bag"
Med/Trauma/AED/Oxygen Bag

A great "first in" medical jump kit.

When you're on your own and the only things going with you to the patient's side is what you're carrying, this is the bag you want at your side!

Designed to carry almost all of your first contact basic medical needs, this roomy and efficient bag holds the essentials, and a little bit more, like a standard or jumbo aluminum D oxygen cylinder, cervical collars fit in either of the long side pockets,  and you can even fit an AED* inside the main compartment even with an O2 cylinder in place!

It's roomy enough to hold a BVM (adult size shown here) with a D cylinder

Top opening lid has tough mesh compartments for numerous medical supplies or advanced airways such as the Combitube or King Airway.

The two side walls and floor of the center padded compartment are secured in place with Velcro which allows for the removal of the pads for washing of the bag. One side of the padded wall has elastic loops and 3 mesh pockets while the other side has 4 mesh pockets. The O2 cylinder is secured to the floor of the bag with a Velcro strip. The ends of the interior compartment are padded as well.

If you don't carry oxygen, the center compartment is large enough to store
an AED as large as the Zoll AED Plus!

Each exterior side compartment has identically set elastic loops for equipment, airways, dressings, etc. and can store a multitude of other items such as cervical collars, BSI equipment, and diagnostic tools.

Side compartments come with the same elastic loop layout on both sides. Both side compartments are large enough to store several adult and pediatric Cervical Collars, tape, and head immobilization devices Side compartments are large enough to hold several trauma and burn dressings, irrigation solutions, and splinting materials.
  • 15"x 24"x 12" H
  • Holds Standard or Jumbo Aluminum D Oxygen Cylinder
  • Quick & Easy Access
  • Quick Release Curved Padded Sling
  • Water Proof Nylon
  • Reflective Safety Tape
  • Cargo Carry Handle
  • Wrap Around Velcro Closure Carry handle
  • Name Tag Holder


    Red Royal Black
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851 PRO2 Go Bag $120.50


  OMD FK O2RB ODM Fill Kit for the O2 Responder Pack n/a Coming Soon

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