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Deluxe CERT First Respo nder Combo Pack
with CERT Logo
A Medical Kit Designed Specifically for
Emergency Response Teams!

In an ever changing world facing threats ranging from terrorism to natural disasters it is critical that citizens are prepared with emergency training and medical equipment. With this in mind, we have developed two new kits to assist CERTs in their work:

It is our goal to help provide CERT teams across the country with the necessary gear to be prepared for nearly any emergency situation. With the CERT Team Medical Kit/Pack, you'll never be without the items you need during an event.

Quantum Packs have a unique design characteristic which allows  rescuers a visual vantage from it's entire fold out system.  Also in an effort to help reduce the time in searching an item, Quantum Packs has provided vinyl and mesh windows in each of it's internal pockets. 

The QBP1 back pack system has a large carrying capacity for many essential items. This large versatile backpack is made of 1200 denier PVC, waterproof, polyester canvas. It features a total of 20 pockets with large, external pockets on the front that are great for emergency rescue essentials such as leather work/search gloves, light sticks, BSI supplies, duct tape, dust mask, emergency blanket, flashlight, safety goggles, safety vest, whistle, etc.. The largest pocket is even large enough to hold our Tactical FAST Stretcher.

In this, the Deluxe CERT First Responder Combo Pack version, this versatile pack comes with, and has the ability to attach to, an optional waist pack, allowing the rescuer additional carrying capacity.

Proudly displayed on the front is an embroidered CERT patch and reflective strips down the sides and back help to increase visibility!

  • Ultra high capacity for advanced responders and "Train the Trainer" programs
  • Deep front pockets will hold rescue essentials
  • Long vertical side pockets will hold large bottles of liquid or mini oxygen cylinders
  • 16 Pocket waist pack can be attached to 20 pocket main pack for added capacity
  • Includes both mesh and clear plastic pockets each with zippered closures
  • Waterproof 1200 denier PVC fabric
  • Reflective strips along back sides
  • Included/removable embroidered CERT on main pack and fanny pack

Back Pack Specs:

  • Total Pockets - 20
  • Volume - 1680 cu. in.
  • Weight - 4.5 lbs
Above: The internal layout is identical to the Deluxe EMS/First Responder Combo Pack


This pack can be used three ways:

  • as waist pack,
  • with carry handle,
  • or as an attachment to a modular pack

The Deluxe C.E.R.T. First Responder Backpack has a divided large main compartment, three smaller front zippered compartments/pockets, and two side zippered pockets which are accessed by heavy duty, nylon coiled, self-repairing, zero glare zippers with nylon braided pulls.

The Deluxe First Responder Fanny Pack attaches under this pack with adjustable compression web straps that secure with two nylon quick release buckles on the top for added security and minimizing size.

Above: The Deluxe CERT First Responder Combo Pack is modular and can be utilized individually as in our CERT Car Pack


The Deluxe First Responder Fanny Pack is constructed of 1200 denier PVC, waterproof, polyester canvas and has 16 pockets for great visibility and easy access to first aid supplies.

This exclusively designed system provides for rapid access and deployment of medical resources.  Reflective stripes across back and sides provide maximum visibility.

Waist Pack Specs:

  • Total Pockets - 16
  • Volume - 740 cu. in.
  • Weight - 1.5 lbs.
  • Fabric - 1200 denier PVC Waterproof
  • Color - CERT Green
  • Contents are not included

Above: The CERT Fanny Pack Module open

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QP CERT CP Deluxe CERT First Responder Combo Pack CERT Green $94.00 $82.00
QP CERT BP Deluxe CERT First Responder Backpack CERT Green $90.00 $65.00
QP CERT FP Deluxe CERT First Responder Fanny Pack CERT Green $58.00 $49.00
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