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Quantum Packs Enhancement Kit
Improved Load Bearing System for Quantum EMS/FR/CERT Packs
This system works well to provide a high speed, low drag rig to help disperse the weight of your load evenly...

We looked at the EMS FR Combo Pack and Deluxe CERT Pack with specific focus on our EMS/CERT Fanny Packs and looked for ways to improve and enhance the Load Bearing capabilities of the packs because it sucks to have your pack "droop", especially over a long distance...

The main enhancement to the Quantum Packs EMS/FR/ CERT Combo systems is in the way the fanny pack is carried; When the fanny pack is connected to the backpack, the entire system comes off the wearer in one unit. With the ODM QP EK the Fanny Pack still assists in the load bearing of the backpack, but allows for the rapid separation of the two. With this issue conquered, the backpack now rides with as much support as it did when the two packs were connected, but now has the ability to be taken off rapidly and with more ease than before while allowing the medical operator to keep their "essentials" for independent operation on their waist. This allows you to keep your main pack in a cache area while your out on mission, but the biggest benefit is that it gives the operator the ability to doff the pack in a hurry if need be.

The Key to the System's Enhancement

The QP EK includes the Advanced H - Harness as the mainstay of the system.

The Advanced H - Harness loops and attaches to either the self attached . This Harness also has a section of M.O.L.L.E. webbing on the back which can be used our Hydration Carrier.

The Advanced H-Harness connects to the fanny pack via the webbing and a set of our ITW 1" Repair Buckles. The way it's connected ensures that nothing will come loose as the weight of the pack helps keep tension on the straps. It also allows for rapid resizing for when you experience climate change and have to don or doff heavier outerwear, ensuring a proper and comfortable carry of your gear.
The next piece of the puzzle is our Tri-Fold Dump Pouch which acts as a catch all bag for loose items, large and small.

The bag can remain folded until needed and when open, it has a variable choke opening that's controlled by the tension on the shock cord drawstring.

Even with the ODM QP EK in place, the QP Backpack rides comfortably and without hindrance to your mission.

All of the straps work in conjunction with the existing straps on the Quantum Packs and minimal modification is required to integrate the systems.

The last portion of the QP EK is the addition of Quick Release SRB's to the base of the shoulder straps to allow for rapid, easier dismount of your backpack. We use our ITW 1" Repair Buckle in black to match the current strapping on the QP Backpacks.

It took our operator 4 seconds to start gaining access in his pack with our QP LBE System.

  1. Pop the shoulder strap and sternum strap Quick Release SRB.
  1. Unsling the pack from the shoulders.
  1. Clear the pack from the body and orient it to the position desired
  1. Place the pack on the ground and begin accessing the compartments while still wearing your fanny pack
The QP EK Shoulder Harness comes with an SR Repair Buckle preset for application to the Fanny Pack
The webbing/strap is applied between the front and rear/main pocket of the pack. This allows for rapid dismounting of the entire rig from the wearer.
Secure the buckle in place and adjust the tension to fit. The upper tri-glide that comes with the shoulder harness (at the bottom of the padded section) is no longer necessary in this configuration.




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ODM QP EK Quantum Packs Enhancement Kit $39.95 $35.00
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