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Vanguard Drop Leg Trauma Rig
High Risk Individual Trauma Kit Carrier

Seconds count when a serious injury is sustained, and having a casualty wearing the supplies needed to keep him viable until medevac comes can be the difference.

The Vanguard Drop Leg Trauma Rig was designed in response to a need for a carrier that was able to hold the contents of a TCCC compliant trauma kit for those going into harms way and provide medical resources in a fully stocked, portable trauma kit designed to deal with penetrating injuries requiring immediate treatment not possible with standard first aid kits.

The detachable, full zip first aid pouch is designed for rapid field medical response and contains multiple elastic loops and pockets to house specialized supplies and tools to deal with severe trauma in high-risk and combat situations.

The pack is mounted on an adjustable quick release belt strap for easy application and is secured to the operator's leg with an adjustable thigh strap with non-slip backing for a secure fit.

The Vanguard High Risk Individual Trauma Rig is based in our Rip Away Med Pack which provides the operator with the ability to pull the medical kit off his/her body and toss it to another operator or lay it open on a flat surface if the situation permits, gaining better visual access to the kit contents. This gives a great flexibility to situations where medical supplies are needed where the operator cannot gain access to.

This version of the Vanguard comes with the option of removing the pack from the drop leg system and attaching the pack to an operator's LBE or plate carrier.

At Left: Vanguard HR-ITK with MA46 Tactical Tourniquet Carrier (not included)

The base of the system is the Fox Mini Drop Leg Platform.

Made of ballistic nylon and nylon webbing, this platform can be worn as a high ride carrier or as an extended mid-thigh carrier. The leg strap is fully adjustable and the back panel is padded for comfort. Quick release buckles come on both the leg strap and belt connector.

As the Mini Drop Leg Platform will accept additional M.O.L.L.E compatible gear pouches (or any pouches with M.O.L.L.E. Sticks, M.A.L.I.C.E., P.A.L.S., or Alice clips), placement of pouches on the leg rig places resources within arms length, yet out of the way until needed. 

Note: Red MA41 will be mounted on Black Mini Drop Leg Platforms

Law enforcement officers, Range managers, gun club officials, and safety officers all see the benefit of planning for accidents, while doing everything they already do to avoid them.

Individuals, avid shooters who spend time on a range, in the field, anywhere guns are carried and used, all see the need to have a little "insurance" on hand.

As an additional note, the pack by itself can be mounted on any surface with Velcro loop. This makes it ideal for patrol cars over the officer's left shoulder on the barrier wall that separates the back from the front.

In the case of a metal cage, the mounting panel can be M.O.L.L.E.'d through the grating and in the case of a solid wall, adhesive Velcro loop will hold the pack in place.

The kit opens and grants immediate access to your most important supplies. The back wall of the kit is capable of storing hemorrhage control items that are rapidly accessible via the elastic loops or wall pockets. The pocket closest to the back has a Velcro tab for securing larger items so they don't make their way out when the pack is deployed.

The second panel has multiple double elastic loops and another pocket for additional supplies. And lastly, there's a fold out zippered pocket for smaller items and incidentals.


Coyote Black O.D. Red MC
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Qty. Item# Description Color MSRP Price
ODM V-100-P Vanguard Drop Leg Trauma Rig $43.95 $37.00
ODM V-100-8-P Vanguard Drop Leg Trauma Rig MULTICAM $58.95 $48.00



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