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Modular Field Pack (M.F.P.)
Modular Light Assault/Medic/Daypack

A great "in-between" sized pack between our Light Assault and 3 Day Assault Packs...

This pack is more comfortable, durable, and functional than most packs in this size range. The beauty in it's design is it's modularity; If you need ammo carriers, med packs, comms gear, or whatever, simply attach it via the multiple levels of M.O.L.L.E. webbing and away you go!

It's full length zipper allows for "clamshell" type access to the main compartment for ease of access to your stowed gear. An internal bladder pocket allows for a single (or double) hydration system to be held securely in place while other contents are held in place by straps and Fastex buckles.

Each pack is lined with a waterproof barrier for improved protection against the elements. 


There is one hole with cover on each side of the backpack for military antennas, opened by Velcro.
The main bag can be totally opened by zipper, convenient to organize, with also 3 straps inside to fix the equipments. This backpack has many layers design inside with also an inner layer to carry a hydration system

The whole backpack can be combined with M.O.L.L.E./P.A.L.S. system, which has a zippered pocket in each side of the backpack. It has total 85 M.O.L.L.E./P.A.L.S. loops to attach equipment and additional pouches according to the operators variation.

Two large pockets on the outside secure shut with heavy duty zippers and can be cinched down with 4 exterior compression straps.

Multiple layers of M.O.L.L.E./P.A.L.S. webbing allows the operator to attach both ALICE and M.O.L.L.E. systems to it providing for true modularity and functionality

An integrated "drink-tube" hole at the top keeps your hydration system enclosed and protected during heavy ops.

The M.F.P. is ergonomically designed where it has "Y" adjustable model back straps, distributing the weight on the shoulders evenly, making the backpack more comfortable to carry and helps in the elimination of  perspiration and vapor.
Securely identify yourself with visual placards, nametapes, IR-IFF Glint, or any other recognition identification via a generous portion of real estate that's dedicated to identifier placement via the large Velcro patch on the top of the main panel.

  • Constructed of rugged tactical polyester. 
  • 1 large main compartment with hydration bladder pocket - full length opening for ease in packing.
  • 2 large vertical exterior side pockets,
  • 3 inner compression straps,
  • modular attachment points on front face and side pockets,
  • top carrying handle,
  • 4 exterior compression straps,
  • heavy duty zippers with pull cords.
  • "Keep-cool" padded backing for added comfort,
  • fully adjustable shoulder straps,
  • includes kidney pad.
  • Dimensions: 19" x 18" x 9".


O.D. Green



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Qty Item Name Description Color M.S.R.P. Price
FX-56-57x Modular Field Pack (M.F.P.) $82.95


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