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Polarshield Survival Sleeping Bag
Lightweight Mylar Survival Layer
Perfect to protect against hypothermia and combat cold in non-tactical conditions!

Known for its use in emergency first aid and wilderness survival, our Polarshield Survival Sleeping Bag is suitable for field usage, emergency response, survival situations, and in the prevention of hypothermia; it provides compact secure protection in all weather conditions, COLD OR HOT.


Our Survival Sleeping Bag is manufactured from the same quality ultra-light, rugged, durable, thermal reflective Mylar material/ film as emergency blankets. The full body design of our emergency bag has been specially fabricated to provide full body coverage and allows for maximum retention of body heat (up to 90%) when one is at rest.
Weighing a mere 4 ounces, its convenient folded size (5.25" x 3") fits well in a hiking backpack, first aid kit, car glove box or 72-hour kit. When unfolded, the bag expands to a voluminous 84" x 36"!

Most notably utilized to help prevent hypothermia, there are many other reasons to carry this handy item. Among its many benefits, you can use it inside or over a sleeping bag to add thermal performance. A great lightweight moisture barrier, the bag is practical as a waterproof windbreaker as well as an emergency signaling device.

This water and windproof emergency sleeping bag protects an individual much more than the basic outdated space blankets and is compact enough to fit in with your field gear supplying you with many uses both in emergencies and survival situations.

The bag retains 90% of your body heat to keep body warm (provides first thermal aids when cloth is not enough). It does not have the openings on the bottom of the blanket which is where most of the heat is lost in emergency blankets.


  • Keeping in your car,

  • Military, Backpackers, Hikers,

  • Campers, Bicyclers, Mountain,

  • Bikers Boaters, Kayakers,

  • Canoeists, Hunters, Pilots,

  • Climbers, Snowmobilers, Snow Skiers, Cross Country Skiers,

  • Travelers, Survivalists,

  • Rescue Personnel,

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • ... and the Survivors Edge!


  • Condition: New
  • Size: 84" x 36"
  • Weight: 4oz.
  • Storage Size: less than 4 1/4" x 2 3/4" x 1 1/2" (you can compress it MUCH more, but this is the size uncompressed)

Facts About Mylar Emergency Sleeping Bags

As mentioned above, Mylar emergency sleeping bags are good to keep in your survival supplies, but may not be sufficient for all situations.

  • Mylar sleeping bags are not designed to help you get warm. Instead, they simply help to retain your body heat. If you are already cold when you go into your Mylar emergency sleeping bag, it is not going to do you much good.
  • Crawling into your Mylar emergency sleeping bag BEFORE you get cold will make the best use of the bag and give you the best chance of staying warm.
  • Because Mylar emergency sleeping bags are so small and lightweight, it is a good idea to keep a few of them in all of your emergency kits, even if you have other survival sleeping bags. Mylar sleeping bags can be used in a variety of ways in a survival situation such as to collect water, deflect heat, as a signaling device and to help create a shelter.
  • Made of a Rugged Durable Mylar Material

  • Waterproof; Can be used as an emergency waterproof wrap

  • Windproof; Act as a wind breaker

  • Consistently Retains and Reflects 90% of Body Heat

  • Folded to Compact Size For Easy Storage.

  • Opens up to 84" x 36"

  • Great emergency ground cover

  • Lightweight at about 4oz.

  • long lasting and reusable

  • can be used to collect water

  • perfect for camping, hiking, boating, emergencies...

  • perfect for protection from the elements

  • survival kit item for earthquake, unexpected accident while camping or other outdoor activity

  • Individually Sealed Packaging

  • Are easy to spot from a distance and can be used as an emergency signaling device like a mirror for search aircraft

  • Are perfect for 72 hour survival and first aid kits

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1034 Polarshield Survival Sleeping Bag $4.50

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