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DATREX Emergency Water Packet
Individual 4.22 fl. oz. Sachets
Got survival food?...

With a 5 year shelf life to match our Emergency Food Rations, our Emergency water packets provide a full meal's hydration to one individual and are purchasable by the individual unit, by the three-day supply (12 packets), or by the case of 64.

Balanced with our rations to provide adequate hydration without over-burdening a carrier in case movement during a disaster is required, our Emergency Drinking Water is Coast Guard approved as sanitary and safe, unlike bottled water which is subject to absolutely no federal standards.

Tough packaging stands up to weather and shields water against inhospitable conditions.

Available for purchase by the 3-day pack or by the case. Case contains 64 individual water packets (8 Liters total), to be consumed with meals, one packet four times a day.

Each Datrex Water Pouch Contains 4.2 oz. of refreshing water which is great for long-term storage needs.

They're easy to open and one can drink right from the pouch which can also double as ice packs for first-aid emergencies and more. Ideal for use in your 72-hour kits.  U.S. and Canadian Coast Guard Approved!

Emergency Consumption:
  • Drink no water first 24 hours unless
    • sick or injured,
    • or in desert conditions.
  • Thereafter, approximately 8 oz. (2 ea, 4 oz Bags) per minimum.

The posi-sealed bag many be checked by squeezing. Replace bag if air or water escapes. Recommended life five years or as established by local administration.

  • Purified water for immediate use
  • Portable case of emergency water
  • 64 Sachets per case.
  • 4.227 fl. oz./125 ml (1/8 U.S. QT) of water per sachet.
  • Lightweight and extremely compact
  • Superior packaging materials for optimum durability.
  • Case dimensions 13.25" x 9.75" x 6.25".
  • Case weight 20.5 lbs.
  • 5 Year shelf life
Approved by:
  • USCG Approval
  • TC-SOLAS (Canada)
  • BV-MCA

Order Form Information  
Qty. Item# Description Color MSRP Our Price
9209 DATREX Emergency Water 1 each $.50 $.40
9209-12 DATREX Emergency Water 3 Day Supply (12 packets) $7.99 $5.25
9209-CS DATREX Emergency Water Case of 64 $28.00 $25.00
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