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18 Piece Compact Survival Gear
One of the more "thought out pre-fab" kits, perfect to keep in vehicle, or throw in pack when out and about...

The Red Rock Survival Kit has the emergency survival items you need all packed in a 4.5x4x1.5 Hi-Vis Orange, water-resistant case.

And a just 7oz., it's easy to carry and you never have a good excuse for not having this kit in your bag, boat, ATV or vehicle.

A must have for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts who don't want to carry a bulky survival kit.

It's not always about starting a fire or capturing your food, it may be as simple as signaling for help or having access to a cutting tool. This is the kind of thing people overlook when going out for an outing away from the convenience of their home. No one ever thinks that they could have misfortune strike them even on a simple trip to the outdoors, biking on a trail, going on a day hike, etc. Remember; a tragedy is a set of circumstances that go unchecked and are allowed to compound into a problem. Eliminate that option for failure with a simple but effective set of survival tools in your pocket or your bag.

  • Signal mirror
  • Matchless flint rod fire starter
  • Matches
  • 2 - cotton balls (also acts as kindling)
  • Compass
  • Survival whistle with belt clip
  • Wire saw
  • Tea-light candle
  • Pencil
  • Waterproof paper
  • Fishing kit
  • Sewing kit
  • 2 - safety pins
  • 1 meter duct tape
  • Multi-tool knife
  • Carabiner
  • 40' of nylon twine
  • 6' snare wire
  • Resealable poly-bag

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RR 06-016 Red Rock 18 Piece Survival Kit Orange $24.00 $20.00
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