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What is a Trauma Kit?
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Wilderness Emergency Care

"What is a 'Trauma Kit'?"
A "Trauma Kit" is collection of supplies and equipment in a package or system that allows one to provide or render emergency trauma care to those who require medical intervention before regular medical aid can be obtained.

Simply put, it's trauma supplies in a container. The level of organization, sophistication, needs of the projected participants in an activity, and types of supplies should be based on the application or intended arena in which the kit will travel into.

Whether it's to keep in your car, in your backpack, on your M.O.L.L.E. vest, or in your office, or whether the kit is supposed to support students at a primary school, onsite industrial employees, a scout troop in the backwoods, or individuals or teams in a combat zone or hostile environment, the kit needs to be built to the level of training one has in the use of it's contents.

Kit Content: "Why the advanced stuff?"

There are a lot of companies that sell kits with contents that are well out of the scope of training of the end user.
Items such as cervical collars, surgical kits, needle decompression kits, even basic airways such as NPA's

and OPA's are being included in commercially available "TRAUMA KITS". Even the administration of over the counter medications such as pain relievers and even burn gels can be dangerous to the untrained person. One must understand that lack of knowledge and presence of equipment/supplies can be harmful, and maybe even deadly, to a patient if used or applied incorrectly.

We offer the "advanced stuff" because there are trained professionals out there who know how to use it. We make these items available separately for them on the same page that the kits are offered on. Usually, we offer several levels of "kit" on the same page to meet the needs and training levels of the end user. Some say it's complicated, we say it's responsible, for both us and the end user.

Then why do we offer these products?

First of all, we stress TRAINING. There are several programs out there that offer training in the use of these, and many other, items within. Professional level  certification programs such as First Responder, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), and Paramedic programs exist to teach people live saving skills while using these pieces of equipment.  Certain overseeing governmental agencies regulate the use and application of these life saving tools on a legal level and you need to consider that when buying these items.

Now, I understand that, for the most part, there is no guarantee of how the items may be used after they leave the warehouse and end up in the end user's possession. They may be used as props for re-enactment, as display items, in training programs, or they may even be used in real world applications as they were intended to be used. We have to rely on the customer that these items will be used in good faith, for the purposes they were designed for, and by trained individuals that apply them within the scope of their training.

We offer professional level supplies to professionals. Don't exceed your scope of training. Essentially, it boils down to this; "If you want to use the stuff, get the training."

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